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Flower Power

Smallville High lunchroom. Clark, Pete, and Chloe are looking over a copy of The Nicodemus Diaries that Chloe found. She says that in 1871, a whole settlement went postal before there was a post office. Chloe explains that the flower is called "Nicodemus" and that it sends people into rages and death. She stops just short of "death" when she remembers that Clark is sitting right next to her and has an ailing Bo Duke in the hospital. Serious looks. Clark asks where they can find the flower. And what Hamilton's connection is. Pete whips out a university paper Hamilton did about irradiating plant cells. I'm so bored here. Clark says that Hamilton must have pulled a Jurassic Park to bring the plant back. Hamiton ate a lawyer? Chloe says one more thing: Lex checked out the book from the library, not Hamilton. Couldn't Lex just have bought a copy? Pete gets up and angrily says that Lex is bad news. Clark sweetly sticks up for Lex, saying they don't know what's true yet. Tension.

Lex is on the cell phone again, outside, at night. Clark approaches Lex, tensely. Lex says he thinks the doctors have isolated the problem. It's Bo's hick bone. Clark asks about the Nicodemus flower. Lex lies and says that he checked out the book because his property borders the area where the settlement was. Oh, Lex. Why must you walk down a path strewn with lies? Clark wants to know why Lex didn't tell him. Lex says he was just grasping at straws. Big, thick, manly straws. Clark asks about Hamilton. "Who's that?" Lex asks. Clark grabs Lex by the shoulder fabric and says, "Don't lie to me!" Lover. Lex tells Clark to calm down. He says he's not responsible, but that he's trying to fix things. "That's the truth, Clark." I wish Clark were named "Ruth" so it could be the double truth.

Inside Hamilton's lab. Chloe and Pete have snuck in, flashlights a' flashin'. Creepy music. Pete tries to uncover something and knocks it over instead, breaking glass. Chloe comes over. Flower on the floor. "Pete?" she calls. Pete comes up behind her. He has the funniest, most devilish look on his face. You go, Pete! "You lookin' for me?" he asks. Wait'll they get a load of him. Pete touches her face and asks if she knows how beautiful she is. Finally! Pete has something to do in an episode! Oh, and go see his movie ZigZag when it comes out. He's fantastic in it. Chloe starts to run. Pete catches her and snaps, "That's right. Ignore Pete." Hear that, writers? Quit ignoring Pete! Pete's mad that Chloe only has eyes for Clark. Man, this flower thing sure happened fast for Pete. He must have a lot of repressed feelings right on the surface. Pete throws some books around and says that Clark is probably hanging out with his new best friend, Lex. Pete finds a gun on the counter and picks it up. Uh oh. "Give me your keys," Pete says. Chloe asks why. "I'm serious, Chloe," he says, pointing the gun at her. Pete's scary! "Gimme the damn keys!" he screams. I expect to see an entire Pete episode soon. I'm serious. Chloe gives up the keys.

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