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Flower Power

Epilogue the second: Chloe goes to visit Dr. Hamilton's barn. But it's empty. Spooooooky!

Epilogue the second, part B: Hamilton is mad that Lex got rid of his lab. Lex tells him he's lucky nobody died. Hamilton says that he suspects this working relationship is over. Lex says it's not: Hamilton just needs closer supervision. Lex is moving Hamilton to Cadmus Labs, effectively hiding Hamilton. "Remember. You're the one opening Pandora's Box," Hamilton says. "I'm just the key," Lex says. Um, isn't that what Hamilton just said? Lex offers his hand. Hamilton, wary, shakes it.

Epilogue the last. "Open your eyes," Clark says. Lana is in the middle of a Claritin commercial, all blue skies and clear sinuses. "It's Metropolis," Clark says. So how the hell did Clark get her to the top of the windmill without her opening her eyes? Bullshit. Lana sees the Metropolis skyline in the distance. They hem-haw about how high up they are and how it'll be interesting getting down. Yawn. "It's good to have you back, Lana," Clark says. Liar! Lana says she spent the whole day apologizing to everyone. Including her butt double. Lana says she doesn't remember what happened, just that she was out of control. Clark says she was an Alpha Lana. God help us. Lana says she can't believe what she was wearing. Clark says he kinda liked it. U2's "Beautiful Day" starts to play. Lana suddenly looks to Clark and asks if she did anything embarrassing to him. You mean like stripping down and shakin' that ass, shakin' that ass at school? Clark stops a moment, then says no. Plain Jane Lana says, "Good." Sing it with me, folks, that Soul II Soul song: "Back to life, back to reality." Reality sucks. Lana asks Clark how it feels to be on top of the world, or at least Smallville. He stops a minute, then says he feels free. Smiles. Helicopter shot from above as the song plays us out. Bo's blue truck sits to one side. U2, super-patriots, continue to play.

Oh, did you hear? The WB wants you to buy more CDs. But not U2's album. Josh Clayton-Felt, though, is a nice choice.

That's it, kiddies. See you next time.

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