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Flower Power

More honking. Lights flashing. The truck starts to pass Bo's truck, then turns into the side rear. Both trucks come around a bend, and it looks like the shot was in widescreen, but that they panned and scanned it. The red truck passes around Bo's right and then hits a carefully hidden ramp made to look like a lot of brush. The truck goes up, flips over, and lands on its top. "Wuh-hoah!" Bo says, with a complete lack of concern. Another Smallville truck bites the dust.

Bo does a cool thing where he does a turning-skid stop and opens the truck door just as it comes to rest. That Bo Duke. He's still got it, ya know. "Hey! You all right?" he yells. An unnatural amount of smoke is coming out of the overturned red truck. Bo rushes over and pulls the guy from his truck through a window. The guy has a patch of blood on his head. "Okay...get you out of there," Bo mumbles to no one in particular. He lifts the guy over his head, Vietnam-buddy style. "I'm gonna put you down," Bo says. You do realize the guy's unconscious, right, Bo? They rush away as the music speeds up and, as must always happen, the truck is going to explode. It does. Bo instinctively shield-hugs his rescuee.

Bo lovingly cradles the injured man's head. He asks whether the guy is all right. As he looks to his right, the flower from the truck is sitting next to the guy. See how far that flower flew out of the truck in the entirely wrong direction? I warned you about that seatbelt. The flower does a CGI wiggle and shrivels as ominous music plays. Bo stares at it. It spits out some yellow mist while roaring, a remarkable roar for a flower. Bo sneezes. He tells the guy he's going to get him out of there, continuing the running commentary on his good deed. The flower lies down, as if spent from all this action. Cut to the opening credits.

The Lair of the Lex. Lex is talking to our favorite scientist/henchman, Smooth Joe Morton as Dr. Hamilton, the meteor rock specialist with the funky hair. Lex is pouring a glass of orange juice. As Hamilton is brought in by an aging manservant, Lex complains that part of their deal was that Hamilton wouldn't drop in unannounced -- at least not without some cookies or a fondue, at least. Hamilton, pissed off, says he wouldn't have except that one of Lex's employees, who was helping to install some equipment, stole something from Hamilton's lab. Lex asks what it was. Long pause. "A flower," Hamilton says. Oh, I get it. It must be the prom corsage he was saving in the freezer. Lex turns to Hamilton. "You're kidding," Lex says, all faux concerned. Heh. Hamilton says that this flower had been extinct for a hundred years. Lex is mad that this geologist is straying from the meteor research he was paid to do. Hamilton says that he irradiated the dormant seeds whatever blah blah blah kryptonitecakes. Lex declares that plants are not people. Unless they're wallflowers. Hamilton explains what science is, but in a much angrier way than Bill Nye, the science guy. He tells Lex that if he doesn't understand science, he can find another T2-surviving bad-ass. Lex, enjoying the argument, smiles as the camera sails smoothly to him. "What's his name?" Lex asks as Hamilton is leaving. "James Beales," Hamilton says, one hand in his hip pocket. He explains about the car accident and, what do you know? He was saved. "Don't tell me it was Clark Kent," Lex asks. Nope. Mumbling Bo Duke saved him. Lex finds this delicious.

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