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Flower Power

Downtown Smallville. The Blue Bo Truck is skidding along, almost crashing into any car that passes its way. Clark, who happens to be there, sees the truck. Bo is yelling at all the "jerks" on the sidewalk and his driver's-side door is swinging open dangerously. Clark makes a scrunchy Lana face.

Outside the bank, Bo gets out of the truck. Boy, is he pissed. Clark comes down the alley and superspeeds right in front of him. "Dad, what are you doing?" Bo is carrying a shotgun. A straight shotgun. Bo says that the town has pushed him too far, and that he's pushing back. It's gonna be a dog day afternoon, isn't it? Clark tries to stop Bo, but Bo cocks his shotgun and tells his son to get out of the way. Clark grabs the tip of the gun and swings it around in slow motion. The gun goes off, shooting Clark right in the chest. Damn, Bo. Sucks to be you right now. Clark takes a step back. Bo, red-nosed, looks scared. Bo blinks. Looks up at the sky. Everything is fuzzy and blurred, like it was manipulated in PhotoShop by some zealous racetrack brochure designer. Bo looks woozy. Everything whites out and he falls to the blacktop. "Dad! Dad!" Clark says to him.

The hospital. The doctor tells MamaKent and Clark that Bo has suffered an anaphylactic shock. Is that like when somebody does the hand buzzer trick on you? The doctor says that what Bo has would be unusual except that somebody came in with the same symptoms: James "Road Rage" Beales. And guess what? Beales just slipped into a coma. MamaKent starts to cry. Clark hugs her.

Outside at night on a back road. It's misty. Chloe and Lana get out of a sweet '50s-looking car, and suddenly, they're the two leads in Mulholland Falls with less cleavage and, in Lana's case, acting chops. Chloe explains to Lana (didn't she know before they went?) that they're there to find out what happened when Bo Duke met Road Rage Man. Sleuthing. Flashlights. Boredom. Serious music plays. Chloe takes photos. Lana finds the hula doll. She doesn't even seem happy to see it. Then Lana finds the big yellow flower. It rises up to meet her preternatural face. Sensing something as foreign to nature as itself, the flower rears back and spits at Lana. She covers her face. Instead of telling Chloe, Lana merely shows her the hula doll. As they leave, the flower has pressed itself flat on the ground again. Before they get in the car, Lana does a little turn and sneeze. Fakest sneeze ever. In the car, Lana sneezes again. "Gesundheit," Chloe tells her. You're welcome. Why not have some commercials?

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