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When Lex leaves, Clark goes up to Lana at the counter. He says he knows things aren't so great between them. "I'm fine, Clark," she says. Well, that's not what he said, but fine. You're fine. She walks away, rudely. Clark follows. He apologizes for "ragging" on the poem. Because that was totally untubular and not at all awesome. Lana says that poetry's not for everyone. Clark is upset that Lana showed the poem to Chloe and Pete and not to him. Well, she did show him the poem soon afterward. It's not like she hid superpowers. Lana says she's not going to share everything if Clark isn't open with her. Clark clams up. He changes the subject to "weird" guy who's going around watching her. Lana says, "C'mon, Clark. Tell me you've never watched someone from afar." Clark says nothing, again. How many times are they going to have the "opening up" conversation?

Stately Luthor Manor. Papa Luthor is at a desk, fingering the fine metal at the top of his cane. He's like Big Daddy Kane. But Cane. And not so Big. A young guy with bulletproof hair starts saying something about "so as you can see" and then spends the next minute correcting his oral faux pas. Papa Luthor -- no stranger to clamping down on both oral and faux pas -- assures this employee that the mistake he just made will indeed never happen again. He insults the boy's long-windedness as he holds a little reader/scanner device and says Bulletproof's stuff will be sent to him. Can't he just take it now? "Are you letting me go?" Bulletproof asks. Okay, you're getting old. Get on out. Bulletproof is shaken, but finally recovers and leaves, just as Lex is coming in. Lex says that's the fourth one Papa Luthor has devoured this month. Coincidentally, it's also the fourth assistant he's fired. Papa asks where Lex is finding these guys. Lex says he's found them at little schools like Harvard and Yale. In the Home Ec and Gym classes. Papa Luthor says that impressive résumés don't matter: Lex needs to look into their eyes. Papa Luthor says he needs Lex's eyes to look for him. Lex asks whether that means it's his fault. Papa says he was "critiquing," not "criticizing." Well, bully for you. More struggles for conversational power. Lex surmises that Papa Luthor's lack of complete control over things is driving him nuts. Papa just wants a good assistant. Lex says that even he himself couldn't meet Papa Luthor's criteria. Well, not with all that whining, you wouldn't. Papa Luthor agrees and says "nobody's perfect." Then he leaves. Lex is all sad and perplexed.

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