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The Big Snooze

"You're a cop?" Jimmy asks. Clark says that he's an undercover officer sent to watch Lex Luthor. Well, you sure fucked that case up. What was your last case? They send you to guard the Hindenburg? Lindbergh's baby? Pearl Harbor? (Wait, that happened later. I guess that's Clark's next assignment.) Clark says that falling in love with Lex's wife was...his mistake. My bad! Sorry I got all these people murdered. Maybe I should turn in this fakey badge. Naw. I'll need it when I'm in Hawaii guarding...Pearl Harbor! Jimmy says that girl had some eyes. I think they were just puffy and moist from illness. He says the eyes would have made anybody want to be a hero. Clark says that those eyes just gave Jimmy the electric chair. Old Sparky! We see some people running down some stairs in the background. The music darkens. Clark tells Jimmy that somebody should have told them there are no heroes in Metropolis. Well, shit. A reporter and two photographers get into position as Clark leads Jimmy out of the newsroom. The photographers snap photos of an unhappy, betrayed Jimmy. Them's the breaks, kiddo. Good luck with the hot seat.

Jimmy is in the present day, lying on the desk. A woman's hand tries to shake him awake. Ow, brain damage! Chloe says his name. His blurry view of her comes into focus. Jimmy holds his achin' head. "Oh my God, are you all right?" she asks. Jimmy comes to life and tries to hurriedly get to the computer. Chloe tells him not to bother. The photos of the gunman are long gone, she says. Jimmy does find a close-up photo of the cigarette case. "Gardenia," he says. No, Rosebud! Get with the Welles, kid! Jimmy says it was right in front of him the whole time. Chloe reminds him that she's not in his head. Jimmy says that maybe Lana wasn't there to see them the night before. He wonders if she's not as innocent as she seems. Chloe asks what else Lana would be doing in the building. Jimmy says he knows Chloe doesn't want to think of Lana as a "double-crossing, two-timing, backstabber," but... (do go on!) maybe she had something she couldn't trust with Chloe. Jimmy goes to where there's evidence on the floor that nobody has bothered to collect. He sees that the cigarette case is gone. He asks what Lana would be doing with that since she doesn't smoke. Storing her heroin? Jimmy says that whatever was in there might have been big enough to get killed over. Really good heroin? Jimmy thinks that she was taking something to someone on another floor. Chloe says the elevator has a memory and can tell them what floor it was on last. Assuming nobody's used it since the shooting, which is unlikely.

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