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The Big Snooze

We cut to the elevator. Chloe and Jimmy emerge from it on a different floor. They're on the sixth floor, which a sign says is for "Political correspondence." Chloe asks aloud what Lana got herself into. Jimmy picks the lock on a nearby door. Chloe asks where he learned that. He says some girls are into sports cars, but he figures Chloe is more a lockpicker girl. Better to be the keymaster. According to exit records (they keep those, but they let anyone in the building?), a reporter named "Brennan" was the last person from this floor to be in the building when Lana was shot. Jimmy finds a boring bowling trophy on a cabinet. A youngish reporter in a black coat enters the room. This must be Brennan. He asks what the hell they're doing in there. Jimmy says they have reason to believe he was with Lana the night before. This is the next night? I thought it was the same late night. The reporter pretends not to have ever met her. Jimmy goes straight to the accusation. Brennan pulls out a cell phone and says he's calling security. Chloe says he can tell them why he knocked out Jimmy and erased his photo. She says the building was sealed off by police (that's how Lois and Clark and Papa Luthor got in?) and that only someone with prior access could have done it. This is a bunch of bullshit. There were other people in the building who could have done that. Brennan doesn't challenge it at all. He says that Lana had a story and wanted to meet with him. He says he heard the gunshot and ran down the stairs, but he ran away when Chloe and Jimmy came. He claims not to have shot her. Brennan apologizes for Jimmy's head trauma, but he thinks the police would never have believed him if they'd seen the photo. Jimmy asks what Lana was bringing to Brennan. We see a shadow move on the other side of the door's smoky glass. Brennan says that Lana needed help and -- BOOM! A gunshot breaks the glass and hits Brennan. He yelps and falls. Jimmy tells Chloe to call 911 and gives chase. Chloe pulls out her cell phone. She dials Clark instead as Jimmy unwisely runs after the person with the gun.

In the hallway, Jimmy tackles the person with the gun, who didn't seem in any rush to get out of there. They struggle. It's not anyone we'd recognize. Chloe tries to help Jimmy as they wrestle for the gun. Chloe gets kicked and knocked down. Jimmy gets punched, so he punches back. Hard. Chloe falls backward and tips over the staircase railing, very slowly. In a not-so-special effect, she falls, plummeting down the space between many flights of stairs. Tumble, tumble, tumble. A red shape whooshes in. Clark catches her on the bottom floor. Whew! She says he didn't have to wait till the last second. "What fun would that be?" he asks. Chloe chuckles.

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