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The Big Snooze

Jimmy races down the last set of stairs in record time, calling Chloe's name. "Did you get him?" she asks. Jimmy says he knocked the guy out cold. He marvels that she doesn't have a scratch on her. He starts to ask how that's possible, but Chloe stops him with a big kiss. They hug, relieved. Jimmy chuckles. Chloe looks over Jimmy's shoulder to see Clark standing in the shadows. "Thank you," she mouths. Clark gives her a happy little nod and walks away. Chloe hugs her Jimmy some more.

The Talon (coffeehouse), nighttime. Lois arrives at the apartment, carrying her big green bag. Her laptop is opened. "Busy day, Miss Lane?" asks Papa Luthor, who has made himself comfortable on the couch. A goon of his turns on a floor lamp. She asks if breaking and entering means anything to rich people. He retorts that it means about as much as removing evidence from a crime scene. Nice! He says he caught her little "maneuver" at the paper. Has he caught her maneuvers at the strip club? He wasn't surprised that some evidence was missing. Lois lies and pretends she knows nothing. It's not hard. "George," Papa says softly. The thug grabs Lois roughly and takes her bag. He hands it to Papa Luthor. Papa dumps the contents on the table. I'm not surprised to see a giant hairbrush and a wadded-up Kleenex. He finds the case. Maybe there's an iPod in there. "Lilian loved this," he says, rubbing the surface of the cigarette case. He says his wife was fond of gardenias. So much so that she even loved the works of Vincent Gardenia. He opens the case. There's a red USB flash drive in there. Did his wife also like USB devices? He asks Lois if she'll open what's on the drive. "There was nothing on it," she says, sadly. Papa Luthor moves some of her crap aside on the table and plugs the thing into the laptop himself. He does it roughly. The man is in charge. It's a video about Project Ares. Lex is talking to a heavyset older man about the final testing stages. The man says that after his shuffling of appropriations to keep them under the radar, he hopes so. Papa Luthor is fascinated. Lex says that they both have a lot to lose. "You didn't know that Lex was working with Senator Burke, did you?" Lois asks. He does now. Lois says that he has to give Lana props for double-crossing both Luthors. Eh. I reserve my props for people I like. Disgusted, Papa approaches Lois. "I'd be careful. Miss Lane," he says with disdain. He says that whoever's protecting Senator Burke hired someone to kill the wife of a Luthor. He smiles as he says he doubts they'd think twice about silencing Lois. Word! He leaves on that magnificent note. Lois finally looks worried.

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