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The Big Snooze

Lois, who shouldn't have even been allowed in the building (she's the competition!) is flirting with a police officer, trying to get information out of him. Carrying a huge purse and wearing a press badge, she tells the officer he must have some idea what's going on. He tells her that he can't say anything. Lois says a girl's gotta try. The officer gets called away. Lois sees a paper with "1" on it, marking some evidence that nobody has bothered to collect or guard. There are the silver cigarette case, a big silver cigar holder, and some keys. Lois smiles. She opens her purse and drops its contents on the floor. She does it really, really slowly. She bends down to pick up her stuff. Papa Luthor notices what she's doing. She picks up her items along with the cigarette case, then scoots back under the police tape. She calls herself a klutz. Arrest this woman! She's a menace!

Jimmy, Chloe, and Clark have convened in a nearby office. Chloe says that the police are calling the attack on Lana a mugging. Jimmy thinks it's weird that she was "Wining and dining with Daddy Warbucks" instead of Lex. Clark is mad that the would-be killer is still at large. Chloe says that the culprit left fingerprints on the gun. Jimmy asks what Lana was doing there in the middle of the night. Clark says that ever since she married Lex, he's been angry. He starts to blame himself for not protecting her. He vows to find the person who did this. Yeah, why don't you go do that? We'll wait here. Chloe says maybe he'll have better luck than the police. Clark leaves. Chloe bosses Jimmy, telling him to download the photos he took of the attacker. Jimmy is taken aback that he's being treated like a gopher. He goes to do it anyway as Chloe gets to work on her computer.

Jimmy transfers the photos from his cell phone and camera to a computer back in the movie screening room. The movie is still playing. In the film, Bogey threatens to slap a woman. Huh. We see the shadow of a man go across the movie screen. The man raises a small weapon. He hits Jimmy over the head. Jimmy's head falls on the desk. Then things get a little weird.

We cut immediately to black-and-white. Jimmy's face is still on a desk, but he's wearing a suit, and his hair is all slick-like. There's an old typewriter next to him. It's The Wizard of Oz in reverse. Jimmy's phone is ringing. He raises his head. We see a smoky newsroom where reporters are buzzing around, chattering. Everybody's wearing 1940s clothing, and the room is rich with shadows. Chloe, with a big Lucille Ball hairdo, slaps some newspapers on his desk and asks him if he's sleeping on the job, and if so, what's the big idea? Why, I oughtta... Jimmy stammers. "I don't? I can't? What's gotten into you, Jimmy Olsen?" Chloe, doing her brassy '40s voice, asks. She says the whole place is abuzz with the senator's visit (not big news, even in the '40s), and that Jimmy's on the train to dreamland. That sounds like an awesome train. Jimmy glances at the paper. The date on it is May 3, 1940. Chloe says that she didn't take a job slinging coffee for just anyone. She picked the best: "I tell ya, the best!" She says The Daily Planet has never seen a reporter like Jimmy, and she plans on keeping it that way.

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