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The Big Snooze

Lana says better his job than her life. See, no. Not really. Jimmy's the best, the best, see?! You're probably not the best at being alive. Lana's doing a weird thing where she's bouncing slightly, and maybe she's nervous about these scenes, but it looks like she's out of breath or fighting off the flu. She says that her husband is trying to kill her. Maybe it's just a nasty virus. Jimmy asks why she'd believe a thing like that. Lana inches forward and says that the other day, a car tried to hit her on 6th Street, then sped away. She doesn't think it was an accident. She asks if she can call him Jimmy. He says it's "James," actually. Oh, whatever, Gerber baby. Lana tries to put the flirt on. She says he's so confident and brave, and she's so afraid. Moist in the eyes, she asks him to spare a bit of his strength for her. Lana's got a nice husky voice for this era, but she can't project for shit. She's still whispering everything. Seriously, has someone taken her temperature? She really does look a bit ill. Jimmy says that he always knew something didn't sit right with Lex Luthor. Maybe it's from all the anal penetration. He says it's a shame a girl like her had to get caught up in this business. What does he know about her at all? Or the business? She could be more evil than Lex. Nice reporting, James. He asks if she has any proof. Lana presents the silver cigarette case. Jimmy opens the thing. There's wads of money and a matchbook for The Talon. Guess where he's going next? Lana asks him to keep it. She says it's a "thank you" for the help. She walks away. The camera follows her rump as she goes. A train passes as the two walk in opposite directions.

Side-wipe! The Talon is now housed in a seedy set of buildings. There's a small neon sign that reads, "The Talon Club." The place has a striped canopy. It's next to a hotel. Cars are lined up along the street outside. Inside, Jimmy has checked in his hat and coat. He turns and is stopped by a hand on the chest. Jimmy says he's here to see a friend. "Ain't everyone?" says a tall bald man with a tiny moustache. Jimmy says he doesn't want any trouble. Just as things are about to get rough, someone emerges from the shadows. It's Clark Kent. He's gone from the crapper to dapper. Gone are the glasses. The hair is slick, shiny and nicely molded. He's wearing a nice-fitting dark suit. The camera zooms in on him. Pretty! Shiny! Super! Clark says, "The kid's with me." He motions with his head toward the entrance. They go in. Suavity!

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