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The Big Snooze

We use that to cut to a parking lot full of cars. It's raining. Lex gets out of his (repaired) car. He and Jimmy are meeting. Lex says, "Nice driving back there." Lex says not to worry. He kept his word. He's alone. Jimmy says Lex's word isn't worth much. Lex says it doesn't matter; by tomorrow, Jimmy will be picking lead out of his lungs. How colorful! Jimmy holds up the tiny photo, forcing Lex to walk closer to see it. Jimmy says that if that happens, this picture will be the next day's headline. With text added, of course. Lex figures this isn't about a raise. Jimmy says that what Lex does with the singer is his business, but he's not going to let Lex bump off Lana. Lex is amused. Jimmy says he heard Lex say he was getting rid of her. Lex says, "Sure I am. Once the divorce is final." He says he filed for it today. Lex says Jimmy's not the first sucker that Lana has spun in her web. Lex says Jimmy had better get out before he sticks. Lex reaches abruptly into his inside coat pocket. Jimmy reacts quickly, pulling out his gun and shooting Lex. Lex drops what was in his pocket. He falls forward. Grabs Jimmy on the way. "Gardenia," he says, dying. Lex lands on the ground. Jimmy takes off as sirens blare. The police have arrived immediately. Jimmy runs the other way. The police give chase. Overhead angle.

Side-wipe! We get the classic shot where the camera pans across reporters in phone booths saying, "Get me the chief!" or "I got a hot one, put the copy desk on the line!" What excitement! Lucy Ricardo, er, Chloe Sullivan enters the room and asks the operator what all the "flurry" is about. Cheerily, the operator says that there's been a murder, and that they think the victim is Lex Luthor. He must have been a shitty boss for everyone to be so thrilled about that. Chloe, on purpose, spills a Coke bottle all over the operator. She apologizes for being a klutz and says she'll take over while the operator cleans up. The woman exits. Chloe takes the reins of the phone system. She listens in as a police officer says into the radio, "Mr. Lex Luthor, dead on arrival." He says that a press pass from the paper was found with the photo of Lex and the singer. He describes the fleeing suspect as Chloe listens in split-screen. Brown hair. 5-foot-10. Medium build. Brown coat. "Jimmy!" Chloe whispers to herself. Ya think? She rushes out of the room.

The Talon Club. It's last call, according to Papa Luthor. Jimmy, disheveled, is at the bar. He asks for another drink -- this time, a double. Papa Luthor pours and says only one thing will drive a man to drink alone. Jimmy says he wishes it was as simple as a dame. Papa insists that there's nothing simple about them. "That's why we keep comin' back for more, eh?" Wait, what are we talking about, again? Dames? Is that it? I hear there's nothing like one. Chloe rushes in. She says she's been in every gin joint in town looking for him. She says she figured it would be the last place he was, but the first place she'd find him. Huh? She says they think he shot Lex Luthor. Sweaty, Jimmy says, "I shot him all right. Went down cold right in front of me." Chloe says she's not going to let him go down for this. Even after that confession? Chloe thinks he was set up. Chloe shows Jimmy a big folder. She says that the "shiny new reporter" Clark Kent has been dialing her line ever since he came to town. She also says that the boss's lady might be getting more from Clark Kent than the headlines. I'm trying to think of a dirty joke about font size, but it's just not coming to me. Jimmy closes the folder and rushes out of the club. Papa Luthor is already on the phone. He tells someone that "Boy Wonder" may have taken the bait, but he won't -- he's onto the person on the other end of the line. Lana's on the other end. She says that now, Papa's at the top of the lowlife food chain, and she's out from under a suffocating marriage. She hangs up. Slowly puts on a skirt over her slip. Hey, I know that lunky guy in the background! Clark Kent, wearing a no-sleeve undershirt, comes up behind her. Holy beefy biceps! Ladies, start your engines! (But not you, Lana.) Lana says there's something she has to go take care of. Clark spins her around and kisses her. She tells him not to worry. She says they won't have to sneak around much longer. Clark, the lug, watches her go. She takes a gun and puts it in her tiny purse. Dramatic music.

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