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Clark and Bo drive off, and somebody's watching them through binoculars. And not just the cinematographer. Spooky driving-off music plays.

The Kents pass the "Smallville: Meteor Capital of the World!" sign. As they arrive at a field, we see a bunch of people in yellow Haz-Mat suits working. A small tent is set up, and a little digger machine is working. Bo looks at the scene in horror. He sees Lex Luthor talking to one of the yellow suits. Lex signs a clipboard and goes over. Clark asks what's up. Lex says he's considering buying the land for an agricultural project, but that he's testing the soil first. Bo asks why they're using metal detectors and hazard suits. Lex says there was a meteor strike on the spot. Lex says that the meteors aren't harmful, but that it doesn't hurt.... "To dot your I's and cross your T's," Bo finishes. Lex asks if there's a problem. Bo, struggling for words, says that what's good for the company isn't always good for the town. Bo pulls out the check. He says he decided he can't accept the money. Lex says he doesn't understand. Bo takes Lex's hand and shoves the check into it. "I wouldn't expect you would," Bo says. The fuck? Bo is just a cryptic, Yoda-rejected-catchphrase-spouting man, isn't he? He takes off. Clark tries to talk to Lex, but Lex says they'll talk later. As they're walking off, Clark tries to talk to Bo and asks what's up, and to say that Lex didn't deserve that treatment. Angrily, Bo says that the field is where Clark's ship crashed down. He's worried they'll trace anything they find back to Kent Farm. If they find delicious organic fruit out there, then they're definitely screwed.

In the field. "Lex, you gotta see this," somebody says. The yellow suit hands Lex a baggie. The yellow suit takes off his hood and mask and, hey! It's Dr. Hamilton! Hamilton asks Lex if he knows what this could mean. Lex tells him to handle the tests himself and report back to Lex only. Hamilton winks his eyebrows at Lex in such a strange and surprising way that it could only be the Gayest Look of the Episode. Go watch it again if you don't believe me. Hamilton scampers off.

Talon. Lana is cleaning. Jocko shows up with his screwy new hair. What follows is the boringest scene of the episode. I know some people really like Jocko, but, damn. This scene just sucks. Quickly: he went through his dead dad's stuff and found some military medals. Jocko agonizes about football versus doing something important in life. That's it.

The Barnness of Slashitude. Lex comes up the stairs to see Clark, who is studying some photos. Lex says he wants to apologize to Bo, but he's not sure for what. Clark says it's not Lex. It's money and farm woes and that Bo didn't know what Lex was doing in the field. Lex notes that Clark doesn't believe him, either. Clark says that Lex gets obsessed about things. Like the car accident. Clark's ass in jeans. The soundtrack to Mamma Mia!. Clark says he finds it hard to believe that Lex would supervise a land survey. Lex says that his life changed during the meteor showers, and he needs to know why. Lex tells Clark about the crop duster guy. Clark smiles, "And you believe him?" Lex says he'd be remiss not to check the guy's story to see if it's true. Clark tries to turn it around and ask if he'll check every crazy story that pops up. Clark asks when Lex will put his past behind him. Lex tells Clark to look at the stars, and repeats the oft-used thing about long-extinguished stars' light just now reaching us. He says that the past is always influencing the present. Lex says he wants to understand it. Again, we don't see Lex leave the barn.

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