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The next thing we do see is Clark at the darkened office of The Torch. Chloe walks in. Clark asks why she's not at home sleeping. Because of the nightmares, silly! For someone who's so worried, though, it seems she had no problem getting into a vehicle and driving to the newspaper office, where she would likely have been alone in the dark were Clark not there. Jocko shows up, too, and says that Clark called him saying that he needed help. Clark's got a theory about Lana's visions: he thinks the explosion caused them. Why isn't he telling Lana this? Clark says he thinks it connected her with someone at the accident. You mean like a skin-melt? Somebody call Modern English. "Clark Kent leaps tall theories in a single bound," Chloe says. Ack! I wasn't expecting that cheese and it went down the wrong pipe! Clark explains that there were meteor rocks at the explosion. He also shares an article about De Kretser Syndrome, which is when you buy an expensive German car and then realize it makes you look like an asshole. Oh, wait: it's actually a post-traumatic stress disorder first noticed during the London Blitz. People who were in bomb shelters found themselves psychically linked after bombs went off nearby. This is such a stretch. First off, it was before they had Jerry Bruckheimer. Chloe's sold. Jocko says that the article points to times of stress, anger, and excitement. Clark asks who Lana was around after the accident. Jocko, and Deputies Watts and Vertigo. "Vertigo"? Did I hear that right? Chloe says one of the deputies is in a bowling league with her dad. "Which one of them got to her first?" Clark asks. Jocko asks if Clark thinks a cop kidnapped Chloe. "Who would suspect a cop?" Clark asks. Well, you, for one. And the entire city of Los Angeles. Clark says they have to find Lana, since one of the cops knows she's seeing through his eyes. Jocko offers to drive. Chloe stops him: "Um, that's okay. We'll take my car." I'm not sure if that's a shout-out or not, but obviously somebody noticed that Jocko crashes his truck every time he gets into one. Clark gives a tight little smile, and they go.

The Talon. Lana walks down some stairs; the columns around her have little Egyptian-looking paintings on them. She's carrying some flowers, but they wilt beneath the death rays of her preternatural prettiness. "Miss Lang," somebody calls. Lana turns and it's the huskier cop, Bartok the Elder. He says he needs to ask some more questions. Lana says she's surprised he found the time. "I know I deserved that," he growls. She asks if he wants coffee. He gives her a weird look and says, "Sure." Lana walks and suddenly has one of her Herbal Essence moments. She pitches forward and sees a gloved hand approaching the front door of The Talon. Somebody speeds up behind Bartok and clocks him in the face. Bartok falls. The Foul Lens-Filter Beast goes up to Lana, who doesn't bother to turn around. Behind her, we see the weird masked guy. Lana finally turns. She screams. For commercials!

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