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The gang arrives, helping Bartok into a chair. "Where's Lana?" Jocko slowly asks the officer. Shouldn't they call a hospital or something? This guy could be spilling brain fluids and they wouldn't even know it. He says he doesn't know. Clark asks where his "partner" "Gary" is tonight. Bartok says he doesn't know, but that Fortnoy works a part-time job at the carnival grounds. Damn those carnies! Clark mentions the stuffed animals Chloe saw. She says it's the perfect place to hide someone, since it's off season.

Carnival grounds. Man, this place is spooky. We pan across some stuffed animals in plastic bags. Lana is lying on a blanket on the floor, tied up. She keeps yelling, "Hello!" That blanket is a nice thing for the kidnapper to do. It's fine to kill, but you don't want to give someone splinters or carpet burns or sore knees. Lana struggles and calls for help. "No one can hear you," a shadowy figure says. It's Fortnoy, and he looks like he's wearing a costume rejected from Demolition Man. He asks how Lana saw through his eyes. It's called empathy, dude. Lana says she doesn't know. He approaches, without his freaky mask. Lana recognizes him and asks why he's doing this. He says he never wanted to hurt Chloe. He says he didn't want money. He just wanted to rescue her. Lana basically repeats what he just said. He yells that he could have been the best cop the town had ever seen. This guy is already the most forgettable villain of the season. He says the case would have made his career. Who would he have caught? He says he can still be the hero: he'll just solve Lana's murder. Wait a minute -- if he solves Lana's murder that means she...RUN, LANA, RUN! Lana begs for her life. Fortnoy cocks his gun. He looks so damned silly in that puffy uniform.

Outside. Clark zips it to the carnival grounds. He probably has time to win some prizes and go on the roller coaster if he likes. He x-ray-visions a wall and sees Fortnoy pointing his gun at another skeleton figure. "Lana," Clark says.

Inside. Fortnoy is about to pull the trigger. In slow bullet-time motion, Clark runs in. The gun goes off. Clark zips in and sticks out his hand, deflecting the bullet. Dumb, dumb, dumb. The bullet ricochets up and shatters the glass ceiling. Clark leaps on Lana to cover her from the glass, doing a slow-motion dive where we can see his navel from below. Fortnoy runs. Clark unties Lana and tells her to stay there, where she'll be safe with all the broken glass around her.

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