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Outside. Fortnoy the Younger is looking for a place to hide. Good luck, in that costume. Clark ends up behind the poor Demolition Man. "It's over," Clark tells Fortnoy. Fortnoy can't hear because he's evil. He shoots at Clark and makes some bulletholes in Clark's shirt. Judging from the sound effects, Clark is made entirely of tin. And he looks pissed. "What the hell are you?" Fortnoy asks. The WB's salvation. Clark throws the villain the requisite thirty feet toward an unassuming ticket stand. It falls apart. Cops with sirens blaring come down the fairway. Clark zips away as Fortnoy struggles to get up.

Lana, inside, has another vision. She sees, through Fortnoy's eyes, the cops arriving and pulling out their guns. They tell Fortnoy to drop his gun. Apparently, he's recovered enough to stand up, give a mighty scream, and point his gun at his comrades. The last thing he sees is a cartoony bullet coming right at him. The screen goes black. I thought cops were supposed to aim at the leg first.

Epilogue. The Funhouse just doesn't seem so fun anymore. Clark ushers Lana out to the cops. Somebody is still watching through binoculars. We see now that it's shady-looking Nixon.

Back in the barn. Clark is pitching some hay at normal speed, which seems like an incredible waste of time. Chloe walks in. She's smiling. She says she has good news: she got the internship. "That's great!" Clark squeals, and hugs her. Chloe says they read her article about the kidnapping cop, and her work spoke for itself. Clark, who is wearing work gloves (why? Is he afraid of calluses?), says that means she'll be gone for the summer. Clark looks sad. Chloe asks if he'll come visit. "Yeah! Of course!" Clark squeals again. I don't like this new, squealy Clark. Comfortable silence. Chloe says she wanted Clark to be the first to know. Strummy music plays. Chloe moves to leave. Clark, brandishing his pitchfork menacingly, calls after her. Clark asks if she has plans for the spring formal. Near to bursting, she says, "Not at the moment." Clark asks her to the formal. Chloe smiles and then smiles again and it's completely fucking adorable. "I'd love to, Clark," she finally says. She shows lots of gum when she smiles like that. She says she's going to leave before her good karma runs out. Clark stops her again. He apologizes for waiting so long to ask. Yeah, you should apologize. Ass. Chloe says it was worth the wait. Yeah, that pitchfork made it all worthwhile. Clark looks pleased with himself, indeed.

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