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Moon rising. Clark is in the Barnness of Missitude. He misses Chloe. It's sad. Strummy music plays. Lana walks up the stairs and asks about Chloe. Clark's telescope is pointed up at full attention. He says that he and Bo went to the abandoned car, but that they didn't find anything. Clark says they're organizing a posse for searching purposes. Lana says she spent the afternoon describing what she "saw" to the police. Didn't they ever see The Gift? Lana asks how Clark is holding up. He says he just wishes Chloe would walk up those steps. Sigh. I miss the days when he wished it were Lex. Clark says he never knew how much she meant to him, and that the thought of never seeing her.... Lana stops him and says he can't think that way. Because it's not about Lana, for once. He remembers the first time he met Chloe. It was eighth grade, and he was assigned to show her around when she arrived from Metropolis. She asked where she could find a copy of the Daily Planet so that she could keep in touch with civilization. When she found out Clark lived on a farm, she demanded to see it first-hand. "I think she thought I was Amish," Clark says. I mentally play back Weird Al's "Amish Paradise." Hee. Apparently, Chloe kissed Clark right off the bat. She knew he'd been thinking about it all day and wanted to get it out of the way so that they could be friends. Wow. Chloe was aggressive! Lana laughs. "It was my first kiss," Clark says. If you don't count Bessie the Cow. Lana says it's nice that Clark's first kiss was with someone he still cares about. She gives him a pained look and assures him that they'll see Chloe again. Go on, Lana! Make your move! She gets up to leave abruptly, and has another orgasm. This time, she sees the big windmill from the episode where she and Clark sat on top of it at the end. She sees a grave. Chloe's in a casket. Lana snaps out of it. She says Clark she saw Chloe. Alive, but buried. Clark knows where the windmill is. He goes to get help.

We pan across Chloe in the coffin. There's green Glo-Stick light that slowly fades when we get to her face. She looks at the stick sadly.

Clark zooms to the windmill. He climbs up. X-ray visions the ground. Chloe! He punches the ground and digs her up, ripping the coffin open. He yells her name, and she awakens, her nose all red. "I knew it was you. It's always you," she says, laughing. From yards away, somebody's watching them. Commercials.

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