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Fatal Attrition

What's the cure for what ails Smallville this season? Sex, that's what! Woo! Yeah. I hope it works. Sigh.

Angel is a puppet? Dude, I would pay good Pay-Per-View money to see Smallville starring a bunch of puppets. Seriously. Get on that, Crank Yankers dudes.

We open on a street-level, steam-through-the-street-grate-view of the Luthorcorp building. This must be a different view than the one we're used to, because I don't see a place right in front for Lex to park. We move forward and look up. Yes, the building is quite tall.

Inside, a class from Smallville High's advanced economics class is being greeted by the most magnificent bastard I've missed lately, Papa Luthor. The class is in an open area, and there are lots of windows. It's a pretty building on the inside. "Welcome to Luthorcorp!" says Papa Luthor, reaching his arms out. But the econ teacher doesn't hug him. There must be some mistake, because Clark is in an advanced economics class. Chloe -- wearing some sort of '70s blouse with red flowers against beige (and the lapels, my God, the lapels!) -- looks absolutely bored and eye-rolly while Clark, in a red flannel shirt, just looks out of place. A cute extra in the background tries not to look at the camera. Papa Luthor says they're all there to learn something about business. We cut back to Papa and an admiring older lady (teacher? Lackey?) standing next to him. Papa Luthor says that the most important factor in economic theory is the individual. And that individual is the president on the $1,000 bill. Tight shot on a tight hottie. Papa seems to think so, too. He singles her out: "Yes, you!" he says, pointing a gnarly finger at the comely blonde. Chloe rolls her eyes again and scratches her flippy hair. Papa Luthor talks about how rising above the rules and knowing when to break them requires absolute personal commitment. "I consider it a prerequisite for success." That and four hours of P.E. Blondie seems to be taking it all in with total devotion. It is the gospel to her. But not the bloody-Jesus kind of gospel. The lady behind Papa Luthor claps admiringly. The students follow mostly half-heartedly, except for the cute girl. "And I consider it despicable, immoral, and possibly illegal," Chloe snarks to Clark while everyone continues applauding. Papa Luthor busts her, wondering if she has a question. Chloe says nothing. Papa seeks other question-askers, but nobody takes the master's bait.

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