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Fatal Attrition

The Torch. Chloe's wearing that same ugly knit scarf from last week. And a pink-striped top she must have borrowed from Lana. Chloe says she's sorry KentFan went "all Glenn Close" on Clark. Oh come on, you're not sorry at all, are you, Chloe? Didn't Clark lead you on, too? Clark tells Chloe he should have told her about the girl's abilities before. The hell? Is he serious? Clark says it was a secret. "Yeah, and I respect you for keeping her confidence," says Chloe. This whole scene is one big wax ball of deceit. Chloe says that once KentFan went psycho, all bets were off. Chloe seems to be enjoying this a little. Clark asks how to look for someone who can disappear in the blink of an eye whenever she wants. KentFan knows how to disappear completely and never be found? Call Radiohead! Chloe says they know she has one weakness: Clark. Oh, that's a weakness everybody has. Clark says she may have one more. Clark has an idea! Hide your Jell-O! Clark says he'll need Chloe's help.

House of Teleportin'. The Mom with the glued-on smile answers the door. It's door-to-door flippy with Chloe Sullivan. Chloe asks to speak with KentFan and says it's urgent. Mom asks what's wrong. Chloe says it's Clark. He's in trouble. Why is Chloe wearing a coat once owned by Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes? "What do you mean?" asks KentFan. She's standing behind her mom. She asks Chloe what's up. Chloe tells her that the sheriff suspects Clark had something to do with her dad's accident. Mom moans. "Mother," says KentFan sharply. Mom backs off. KentFan closes the door and asks why Clark is in trouble. Chloe says that the sheriff is theorizing that Clark lashed out when KentFan's dad wouldn't let Clark and KentFan be together. KentFan asks if Clark is under arrest. Chloe says that Clark is "in hiding," very dramatic, and that he asked for help. Chloe pretends not to understand what's going on, but says Clark told her KentFan was his only chance.

Overly dramatic music and we cut to some sort of industrial complex. KentFan is wearing some black leather boots and a skirt. She'll still always be CuteBlonde to me. She walks down the stairs in this scary, misty place and sets down her bag. She calls out for Clark. Several times. Is this a crayon factory? Clark comes out of hiding. KentFan asks if he's all right. Look, maybe she's wrong and all, but she sure does seem to care about Clark. Am I just a big, dumb male for thinking she's not so bad? Clark says, panicky, that they're after him, and that the sheriff thinks Clark tried to kill KentFan's father. KentFan knows. Clark says she has to tell them the truth. She says she can't do that. She says she and KentFan can just disappear and nobody will ever find them. Sure, why not? It would have been a better fate for Romeo and Juliet. Clark looks back over his shoulder, perhaps at some cue cards. He agrees that maybe that's the only way. KentFan smiles.

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