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Fatal Attrition

Lana at the Kent Farm. Clark answers the door. "Hey!" says Lana. Yeah. Hey. Now go away. She asks to come in. She thanks Clark know, saving her from a big fake prop knife. Clark begins to apologize to Lana for ever getting involved with a hot girl with powers who was ten times more interesting than Lana. Sorry 'bout that. Lana cuts right to the chase: she's mad that Clark told his secrets to KentFan and not to Lana. Clark says nothing at first. Then he shrugs and says, "You know [KentFan] said a lot of crazy things." This, in a nutshell (a cheese-covered one), is why Clark doesn't work for me. He's honest when he doesn't have to be and a total asshat liar to the one person who wouldn't go blabbing his secret to everyone. Not that I like Lana, but she's not a gossip. I have no idea why Clark acts this way, but it's certainly not to win our hearts. And it makes Lana the dumbest, lamest person in TV history. Lana says that KentFan also told her that Clark was still in love with Lana. "But that was crazy too, right?" Lana asks. Clark thinks about that one a little longer. He says, "Right." Lana looks like she may cry. MamaKent comes down the stairs and greets Lana. In the Oedipal sense, Lana's a much better catch for her son than that sexy teleporting tart. MamaKent asks Lana if she'd like to stay for dinner. Lana says thanks, but she can't. She leaves, saying goodbye to MamaKent, but not to Clark. Lana has a betrayed, stricken expression as she walks out the door. Clark stands at the door and closes it as weepy alt-crap plays. "Clark, honey," says MamaKent, "someday you'll find the person who's right for you." Clark turns slowly. That's not going to cure this raging hard-on, is it, mother? Clark says that for the longest time he wanted to be with Lana, but that he could never be honest with her. Then he liked this new girl because she was like him. MamaKent makes things worse by saying there's nobody like Clark. He tells that that maybe that means he'll always be alone. That shuts MamaKent up, but good.

Talon. Upstairs. Lana casually walks into Poor Man's Wes Bentley's room, not at all secretive this time. She doesn't even seem worried or scared. Lex pops up behind Lana. She jumps, of course. He says they told him downstairs that she was up here. How did Lana not notice Lex coming up the stairs right behind her? Lana thanks Lex. She's unburdened now. Lex says he didn't do anything to get rid of PM'sWB. He says that his security people haven't been able to track the guy down. Lana asks where he is, if Lex didn't get rid of him.

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