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Fatal Attrition

Cut to what looks like a dark hospital hallway. Papa Luthor, in his signature trenchcoat, turns on some lights and walks down the hallway. At the end of it, Poor Man's Wes Bentley sits strapped to a severe-looking chair. "Hullo?" he says, weakly. Putting on surgical gloves as he walks, Papa Luthor asks, "Why did I send you to Smallville?" To make us think the dude was Batman? PM'sWB has sores all over his face and neck. Papa Luthor forcibly opens one of PM'sWB's eyes. "To become the best friend of Lana Lang. To find out everything she knew about Clark Kent. Wasn't that it?" Papa Luthor asks. PM'sWB agrees, dazed. Papa Luthor says that, instead, PM'sWB has alienated her completely. Doctor Poonie Tang comes up behind Papa and says that PM'sWB's medicine is ready. Papa says that won't be necessary. "He needs the serum or he'll die," she says, right into the camera. Papa Luthor says he's already made his decision. PM'sWB has some weird metal knobs going into his temples. Papa Luthor says that PM'sWB is no longer a participant in their research program. He takes the serum from a tray and shows it to PM'sWB. "Help me...please," says Poor Man's Wes Bentley. Papa Luthor, magnificent and bastardous, turns and walks off. Tang follows. "No!" screams PM'sWB as they leave. He shakes in his chair. The camera pulls back, like it always does in shots about insane asylums and crazy torture. The lights go of one by one. "No! No! Help me!" screams PM'sWB. "Help me!" one more time, and then we go to black. Ooh, nice and creepy!

Next week: can it be? A non-filler potential mythology episode? I'm there, dude.

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