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World Without Lex

Montana. Inside the compound, Aquaman and Black Canary are hanging by chains, looking out toward a dusky window. I guess they don't have different times of day in Montana; it always looks like it's 6 p.m., no matter what time it is. They didn't bother to give Aquaman a towel or a shirt. They did let Canary keep on her heavy leather top. Number Two is there. He wishes Lex could be there to see the "elusive terrorists" captured. Canary says that Lex was never able to find them (except for that he sort of did: he once held A.C. captive). She asks how Lex's "Bozo zookeeper" did better. Unwisely, Regan reveals that he has a new secret weapon. He's also figured out that Oliver's crew wasn't up North searching for Lex. "The Traveler!" Regan says. "Who's that?" A.C. answers flatly, "some frequent flier?" Groan. Regan says he's an alien and he knows what happened to Lex. Aquaman says they were only up there to find Lex. "You're lying through your gills, Mr. Curry," Regan tells him. He threatens to get the truth out of Green Arrow instead.

A steel door elsewhere in the compound is taken down by some explosives. Oliver, in costume, and Clark, totally not in any kind of costume except a white T-shirt and blue flannel, stand in the doorway. Oliver is holding his crossbow like a pistol. He says they've got 15 minutes max. Clark wants to split up. Oliver asks what Clark will do if he's caught. Bite someone? Oh, I would so love to see that. He'd leave a Clark-Mark. Clark doesn't budge, so Oliver warns Clark that he might not be there to save him if he gets in trouble.

Clark, on his own, ambles down a hallway. He peeks into a random window and sees someone lying on a prison cot. He keeps walking. Further down the hall, Clark finds an unlocked door. He opens it and hears a familiar grating voice. It's Lois Lane, leading two men behind her. She's wearing all black. She sees Clark and scoffs. She asks what he's doing there. "I..." he begins. One of the men with Lois asks if they know each other. They both give different answers. Lois pretends that Clark is a prisoner. She also pretends that she was just demoted. Ah, because she's posing as a worker at the compound. Clever! Even though that seemed to work, she kicks one of the guys anyway, blowing her cover. Clark punches the other guy. Lois grabs one of their guns and starts walking. She asks what Clark is doing there. "I heard they had a good espresso," he jokes. Lois is only slightly impressed with Clark's humor. Clark says he's looking for Chloe. He asks how Lois got here. "Feminine charm. Yes, I do have some." Lois asks Clark to give his stand-up a rest and help her find Chloe. She cocks her pistol. It's teamwork for dummies.

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