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World Without Lex

Clark heads down a set of stairs, only to find Oliver standing down at the bottom. Clark is happy to see him until Oliver asks, in his deep Green Arrow voice, "Where's Lex?" Hollywood, growing out his hair? Clark realizes something's wrong. Oliver doesn't like Clark's non-answer. He pulls out an arrow and fires it into Clark's shoulder. Clark gasps. He pulls out the arrow. Oliver warns that the next one will go through Clark's heart. Clark says he doesn't know where to find Lex. Oliver wants answers, dammit! He prepares to fire again. "I don't know!" Clark yells. He holds up a hand. Oliver fires. Slow-motion. I expect the arrow to go through Clark's hand, but instead it just sails into his chest and through him, exiting a nearby window. That one really hurt. Clark breathes heavily and falls on his side. Oliver's eyes flash again, signifying that the spell has worn off. He takes off his hood and glasses. Oh shits! He rushes to help Clark all of a sudden, which just looks completely dumb. Oliver says he's sorry. Chloe, ignoring Clark's wishes, shows up at the top of the stairs. She sees Oliver bent over Clark, apologizing. Chloe rushes down to heal him. She tells Oliver to move back. Clark tries to get her to stop. Chloe puts her hand on Clark's wound, but nothing happens. Clark keeps sputtering. "It's not working!" she says. Perhaps you forgot to charge your battery. Is there an A/C outlet around here? Clark starts to go toward the light. Literally.

We see a flash of bright light. Suddenly, Clark and Lana are lying in bed together, bathed in angelic light. Then we get a shot of Lana standing upright. I'm a weird way, I'm going to miss that preternaturally pretty show anchor. Next we see Bo Duke and MamaKent waving goodbye to Clark. Then we see MamaKent at Bo Duke's funeral. No shots of Chloe or Pete or anyone else? Dr. Swann, maybe? Instead, the last thing Clark sees is Martian Manhunter. I guess he could do a lot worse. Wait a minute, Manhunter is actually here in the room. He's standing over Clark, looking serene. "I'm here, Kal-El," he says. Clark gasps and goes under. Chloe starts to cry. Manhunter picks up Clark. He holds him up by the arms and the two of them, powered by Manhunter, fly through the window arch and into the sky in a red streak. Chloe and Oliver watch. We see Manhunter and Clark, who is not awake, sail away from Earth and into space. Everything flashes to white again.

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