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World Without Lex

Metropolis. Oliver, Dinah and A.C. are meeting Clark out in an alley. Clark jokes that they had to pull their own weight while he was gone. Then he puts away the stand-up act again to say that he owes them his life. Except for Oliver, who shot him twice. You dick. Dinah parrots Oliver's line that Clark would have done the same for them. Aquaman asks about Martian Manhunter. Clark says it's a long story, but he's sure that guy will be back someday. We can only hope. Dinah reminds everyone that Lex is still out there. Oliver says they haven't been able to trace any human remains up north. Clark says they need to find him. Aw, great, a season-long Lex manhunt. Just what we needed. Oliver says that the new CEO of LuthorCorp is more deceitful than Lex ever was. Somehow I kind of doubt that. Dinah says that now that they've been exposed, they're seriously hampered. Like laundry. Clark thinks they need to split up. Oliver jokes that soon Clark will be sporting a homemade costume and using a secret identity like the rest of them. Dinah suggests Clark try something a little more form-fitting. Oliver suggests they split up, lay low and find out what they can about Lex. All four of them walk in separate directions, which is a bit much. Triumphant music plays as Clark walks down what looks like an uninhabited city set.

Daily Planet. Lois, looking very Kate Bosworth, is sitting at her desk, writing something down. She sighs heavily. She notices that Clark is sitting across from her, in Chloe's old desk. The squeaking of Clark swiveling his chair back and forth is bugging her. Clark tells Lois he thought she did well in Montana. Lois returns the compliment. Clark says he'd better be going, but he'll see her bright and early Monday morning. Clark says that he saved the application Lois gave him, and that he's the newest recruit to the paper. Lois asks what changed his mind. He says he wanted to be in the middle of the action. Well, Lois gets plenty of action around the newsroom, so that's apt. She asks if he'll be starting down at the mailroom. Clark says he's going to be a little closer to home and that they'll be neighbors. He walks out of the room, smiling. Lois picks up the nameplate next to hers. It says, "CLARK KENT." "You gotta be kidding me," she says to herself. Then she looks to where Clark left the room and smiles. We cut to black.

...Oh, give me a damn break. Clark hasn't had a story published since high school and even then, he wasn't any good. He has no internships, no experience, no recent clips, and the people running the newspaper hate his fucking guts. How did Clark get a damn job at the paper? He didn't even have Lois as a reference. (Maybe Jimmy vouched for him, but Chloe, who was fired, couldn't have.) It's just ridiculous. Who gave Clark a job? Why didn't we see that? It's just a plot convenience, a way to get Clark working there without doing the heavy lifting of writing a scene to make any of it make sense (just like Chloe's sudden super-intelligence). That's not a reboot of the show? That's not just saying, "We want things to be like this now, but are too lazy to draw the arrows from Point A to Point B?" If there's one thing that has always been frustrating about this show, it's that whole seasons are spent on things that end up not mattering at all (octagons, fake pregnancies, The Teagues), but in the end, the things that really make Superman what he is are just tossed together like a cheap-ass salad. Grrr, frustrating! How can you fans stand it? All right. Rant over. I'll see you all next week, if this show doesn't give me a stroke first.

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