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World Without Lex

Tess fixes her intense eyes on Number Two and tells him she wants all intel gathered so far, including footprints and snowmobile tracks that could point to an escape. Number Two is skeptical. Tess assures him that Lex didn't meet his end on "Some dwindling icecap." One of the nearby henchlackeys spots something on sonar, about six feet below. He says it could be human remains. We cut immediately to a green hood in another part of the same room. It's Oliver "Green Arrow" Queen, and we can see Tess and Number Two reflected in his dark sunglasses. Ollie's sunglasses, which also double as a heads-up display, show him a spot where he should shoot to cause maximum trouble. He pulls out an arrow and fires it with his bow at a large metal structure hanging from the ceiling for no particular reason. Tess and Number Two duck as sparks fly everywhere. Tess spots Oliver standing atop a platform. Suddenly, we see and hear a giant wave of sound knock people down. It's Black Canary from last season, doing her best Carrie Underwood impression. She also tosses a knife and hits a henchman in the chest. Oliver rolls on the floor and shoots a guard with his crossbow. Oliver walks up to a computer screen and sees a dialog box that reads, "Object Located 6.4 Meters." Number Two is suddenly behind Oliver, taking him by surprise, which seems a little unconvincing. "There's a reason why cowboys won the West," Number Two tells him. "Playing with bows and arrows can only get you so far." They are interrupted by something bursting out of the floor. It's Aquaman, all wet and ready, bro, and he's wearing a hideous orange and green wetsuit. He grabs Number Two and tosses him across the barracks. Aquaman grins, revoltingly. "Nice toss... for a fish out of water," Oliver tells him. Canary walks over and asks, "You two gonna keep stroking each other or are we gonna find Clark?" Can we go with the stroking for a little while? It's been months, lady. Don't begrudge these desperate men their strokes. Oliver says they found something in a trench. They all walk over to a hole surrounded by metal. It's a deep hole. Suddenly, we're outside as the three of them look over the vast landscape. Oliver is holding Clark's red jacket. "Clark, where are you?" he asks loudly enough that no one can hear. The camera pulls back really, really far. Four barracks buildings and only one of them had people in it? We pull back further and further to reveal lots of mountains and snow. There's nothing out here, just confusion and coldness. Will it be a metaphor for Season Eight?

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