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World Without Lex

We see what looks like several warehouse buildings and a smokestack next to a set of mountains. The atmosphere is hazy. A title reads, "Black Creek, Montana." Chloe is sitting in a chair dead-staring at flashing images on a screen. There's a sensor attached to her forehead. We pivot behind her to see that on the screen is a fast series of images from somebody's clipart collection. A man in another room is monitoring Chloe as he sits behind several computer monitors. He wears glasses, a white short-sleeved shirt and a tie. He tells Chloe to take her time with this one because it's difficult. Chloe rattles off a list of what the images were: "Barn, tiger, car, hammer, tree, building, cup, phone, toaster, house, doll, football, book, umbrella, bench, paper clip." The man asks about a logarithm and I can't even follow Chloe's answer. I think it was, "Peach." "My God," the man says. Chloe pulls off the sensors and says that she may be smarter than average, but that the government can't treat her like a guinea pig. The man, who is trying hard to look like a nerdy bureaucrat, says that she's special. Chloe says she's just a computer hacker who took a wrong turn. Lab Nerd says that Chloe's cognitive thinking just beat their fastest supercomputer. At what, speed-reading the script? He says it's amazing that such an increase in intelligence could happen practically overnight. Or between seasons. Funny how that happens. Chloe says that she passed out and when she woke up she was different. Lab Nerd wants to do another test. Chloe demands a court date and a lawyer. He reminds her that she hacked into a NASA database and pulled down classified information. Chloe forfeited her rights to anything, in his view. Except that even criminals who do far worse than hacking have those basic rights. Sorry, Lab Nerd. He says she committed an act of treason. "I'm not a spy!" Chloe tells him. She says she doesn't deserve to be held in some "low-rent Gitmo wannabe." Lab Nerd advises Chloe to help and get out in a year rather than get convicted and rot in a federal prison for 20. Chloe has to mull that one over.

Oliver and his crew have apparently set up at Lana's Isis Foundation. They haven't even taken down the logo, so I think it's safe if we now refer to it as the As-Is Foundation. On the screen is what looks like a yearbook photo of Clark. Black Canary, wearing her normal-person wear and long black wig, is sitting at a desk. She tells Oliver and Aquaman (or A.C., if you prefer) that no surveillance camera she's searched has found Clark through face recognition. How many surveillance cameras have that feature? Aquaman pulls a sheet of paper out of a printer and says that he's checked all the bays and harbors and they're "Clark-free zones." Did he think Clark grew some space gills? Or became a sailor? Keep wishing, bro. Oliver, frustrated, throws some papers on a desk and says that only leaves Chloe's hard drive for leads and that it contains fun facts, but no info on Clark's whereabouts. Canary gets out of her chair so she can listlessly hit her mark at the center of the room and say that maybe something happened to Clark. Ya think? Aquaman tries to fill the frame next to her with his beefy arms. Oliver says that Clark's not like us (he's mopier) and that it'll take more than a little ice and snow to take him down. It takes an acting strike or a contract dispute. Canary says that Cyborg and Flash have been searching, too. Oliver says Clark wouldn't give up on them. So they're not giving up on Clark. At least not for the current season.

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