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World Without Lex

We cut to Tromsø, Norway, where a man is taking a shower in a dank building. He's naked, but a towel is strategically covering his business. "Target position acquired," a woman's voice says. The man turns and we see that it's Aquaman. Ah yes. Showering. I get it. Because of the wetness. A gun appears from a doorway. A dart is shot at his neck. Aquaman grunts and falls. But he doesn't flop around on the floor like a fish the way I want him to.

Chloe reads off more numbers. We cut to a rooftop in Qeqertarsuaq, Greenland. Black Canary jumps from a rooftop to a fire escape. But she gets hit with a dart in the neck, too, and falls to the snowy pavement below. Two town cars are there waiting for her.

Chloe is about to read the last three digits when she suddenly stops. "These aren't the phone numbers of bad guys," she realizes. "You're not the DDS." Lab Nerd ignores her and asks for the last three digits. Chloe rears back and mule-kicks Lab Nerd in the chest. She grabs his clipboard and smacks him across the head. Chloe escapes through the door, which is not locked. She runs down a hallway as a siren blares. She rounds a corner, but a henchman is there to grab her. Chloe struggles as another henchman joins in the fun. They pull her to the ground and subdue her. Just then, Number Two walks into the hall. "Find the third at all costs," he tells Lab Nerd, who has recovered enough to show up and look shamed.

Clark in Russia. Clark is lying on a bag of sand, looking wasted. The mean Russian leader throws water on Clark. "How are you feeling?" the Russian asks, and I think he calls Clark, "Shorty." Or "Jor-El." Or "Juicy." Close enough, I guess. Clark says he's never felt better. Liar! You know, I think that Russian may not really care how Clark feels. What an insincere man. The Russian tells a wet, beat-up Clark to get back to work. Clark picks up a two-by-four and starts swinging it wildly, trying to escape again. Clark tries to grab a guard's rifle and bend the shaft, but it doesn't work without his Kryptonian mojo. He is outnumbered. The mean Russian, who got hit in the head with the block of wood, points a gun at Clark. "You are really determined, aren't you?" Clark says he just wants to go home. The Russian offers to send Clark home if he'll tell them where to ship the body. Well, that's awfully nice of you to -- HEEEEY! I just got that! No deal! Suddenly, some non-Russian-sounding dude says, in the local language, "I hear you have the best black-market caviar in Russia." The camera moves to reveal Oliver. Clark turns and sees his friend. It's going to take him a week to figure out what's going on. The mean Russian smacks Clark one more time before asking for Oliver's bona-fides. Oliver shows off a packet of cash. Good enough. He says Ivan Alexandrov sent him and recommended this guy's product. Mean Russian says he has Osetra, Beluga and Sevruga. Also, some fish eggs. Oliver likes what he hears and then pretends that Clark is staring at him. "You got a problem with me?" Oliver asks. Oh, the fake-fight gambit. Seen it!

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