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World Without Lex

Oliver picks a fight with Clark, who takes forever to catch on. Clark finally says that yes, this strange American's presence is starting to bother him. Don't you hate it when the two prettiest boys in school just can't get along? Oliver laughs mockingly and punches Clark hard in the face. Clark tackles Oliver and they roll around on the ground. The Russians also sell black-market gay street-fighting videos. Clark punches Oliver and stage-whispers, "What do you think you're doing?" "Roll with it!" Oliver grunts. They roll some more and throw punches. Clark starts to get in some hits of his own, but then Oliver pulls out a very small knife and puts it to Clark's throat while pinning Clark's arm behind him. Clark thought the knife would be bigger. Oliver wants 100 cases of Beluga, 50 cases of Osetra and "this pathetic little punk here." Oliver says he wants to finish Clark off elsewhere. "Finish him off?" I guess you would need a little privacy for that. Mean Russian says he'll throw Clark in for free. Oliver and Clark walk off together. "What took you so long?" Clark asks, as they both smile. Wonk, wonk, wonk. That was a long way to go for a little bit of plot.

Commercials. Stride Gum. The flavor is still going from last season!

Oliver's private jet. Clark is disappointed that the in-flight movie isn't My Best Friend's Girl. That movie looked like a total hoot. Clark, glum, asks, "How does an ice fortress disappear into thin air?" It's made of ice, Clark. Think about it. What hangs up in the sky and makes it summer? Oliver, used to hearing Clark's grumbling, gives him a nasty-looking green drink. Clark complains that his father is controlling him by taking away his powers. Also, he can't borrow the family space-station wagon for a whole month. Oliver says that's better than Lex having control of his own personal Clarkbot. I prefer Clark bars. Clark is bummed that Lex knows his secret. Oliver doesn't think Lex survived, no matter how tenacious he might be. "I did. Without my abilities." Yeah, how did that happen, exactly? Care to elaborate? Oliver asks if Clark saw anything. Clark says the wind and snow kept his visibility low. He started hiking, he says, and then woke up in a fishing boat. No curiosity about how that happened? None at all? Clark is mad at himself for taking his eye off of Lex until it was too late. He says he's lost his friends and that Chloe is in DDS custody because of him. Oliver reveals that he's had an army of lawyers chasing the case, and Chloe was never arrested by the Department of Domestic Security. Clark makes the logical leap that it was Lex who must have captured her. Oliver makes another leap of logic, saying that Chloe must be in a compound in Montana, the only one his crew hasn't hit yet. Oliver says that nobody who's ever gone in has come out. Then... how do you know all about it? Oliver is all for hitting the compound, but says they've lost Dinah/Black Canary and Aquaman looking for Clark. "And you're kind of useless," he tells Clark. Ha! It took eight seasons for someone to tell it to him. Clark says that even without his powers, he's not letting a friend rot in a LuthorCorp prison. Oliver agrees. On an intercom, he tells the pilot to change course and head for Montana. Clark and Oliver give each other loving smiles of approval.

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