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Tag-team Lex

The Talon. Lana answers her apartment door. It's Lex. "Hi," he begins. "Hey," Lana says. Good start. Lex notes how awkward this is. Lana says she knows what happened, having heard it from Chloe. The one Lex tried to kill. Lex says he wishes he knew what the other guy did so he could apologize properly. He hopes whatever it was, they can get past it. Lana says as long as he's not kicking her out and closing the Talon…"I said that?" Lex asks. Lana adds that he expressed some desires, too. Lex shakes his head and apologizes. "It wasn't me," he says. Lana asks if he's sure. Lex says that whatever his feelings are (nooooo!), he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize their friendship. Total, total cop-out here. Lana's mouth twitches. She knows. Lex sighs. He apologizes again. Lana just nods, smiling. Lex leaves. "So am I," she says. Wait…now she likes Lex, too? Is that what she means? Oh, holy bejeezus.

Lair of Lex. Papa Luthor, sporting a bastardous business suit like the days of yore, asks if Lex is planning his next assault. Lex is like, "Wha…?" He asks about Papa Luthor's cheek. Papa goes to fix himself a drink. He says the scar was a wake-up call. Lex starts to apologize for the last few days. Papa Luthor says no apology is necessary. Papa says that Lex finally proved himself to be the son he's always wanted. "I think you for showing me so clearly the error of my ways," he says. Lex asks what he's talking about. Papa Luthor pauses at the door. He says he's closing down his charitable foundation. Lex protests. "Just a foolish dream," Papa says, chuckling. "I'm awake now," he says. "A man can't deny his true nature, can he, Lex?" he asks. "No. We're Luthors," Papa says, toasting, "we're Luthors." With that he exits. Lex stares at the door for a while. Great job on the acting tip, but I'm just not buying this total character turnaround from a little scar on the cheek and a fencing match. It should be a truly bastardous moment, but it falls just short of magnificent.

And that's it! Next week: the Prom! Will Clark go with Chloe, Lana, or some old lady they call Lois Lane?

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