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Bo-Back Mountin'

Chloe comes up the stairs. Speaking of saving things.... "My cake!" Lois says. It's not un-cute. MamaKent thought they might want to share leftover birthday cake. They left the candles on it? Clark doesn't look too hungry. Lois clears here throat and says there's surely a goat on the farm who will appreciate her knack for batter. "Batter," not "banter." She takes the cake away. Chloe sits with Clark. She says that Clark handled the party thing well. Clark says that the baseball tickets hit him harder than he thought. Chloe says that the tickets weren't Bo's only gift: the way Bo raised Clark was his real gift. Clark smiles. He asks if Chloe came by to get drunk on Lois's rum cake. Chloe actually came over to bring Clark his Kryptonian dictionary. She found a pattern of three signs repeated thirty-two times. The symbols look like the word "ZOD." Oh, come on. Gimme a break. Dramatic music plays. Clark looks serious. Chloe asks what it says. "Zod is coming," Clark reads.

Title card: "TO BE CONTINUED."

Next week: the season finale! Chaos! Zodness! Will Clark kill Lex? I'm guessing not.

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