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Bo-Back Mountin'

Kent Farm, daytime. The Barnness of Ghostdaditude. MamaKent is telling Clark that he may have imagined the whole graveyard incident. She says she sees Bo all the time, outside licking on the cows, sometimes. Clark says he knows it was Bo, even if it was just his spirit, or ghost, or whatever. MamaKent says that when she sees Bo, it's just her mind wanting to have him around so badly that it makes her sees things. MamaKent thinks Clark is so angry at Papa Luthor that he wants someone to tell him it's all right to get back at the dude. Wow, Clark is seriously fucked up. Clark says that it's not the first time he's seen Bo. Clark says it's a long story (boy, howdy!), and that he tried to save Lana from trouble and had a near-death experience. Clark says he saw Bo, who told him that Papa Luthor knew his secret. Clark says that wasn't his imagination, and that this might not be, either. MamaKent starts to believe. Clark says that whatever Papa is up to could be much worse than just knowing Clark's secret. MamaKent says that it would have to be worse, for Bo to suggest taking someone's life. Bo may have been pro-ass-kicking, but he was probably pro-life when it came to killing a fella.

"Downtown" Smallville, daytime. A pretty waitress is handing Lana two lattes and apologizing for a mess-up. Lana says she knows how temperamental the steamer can be, as she giggles and takes the tray. She almost bumps into Lois, who is standing nearby. Lois asks if Lana is running a coffee delivery service. Lana starts saying something nonsensical about Chloe "short-circuiting," but Lois cuts her off and says she recognizes the extra hot, double-caff, no-foam. She says it's Lex, who acts like he owns the place. "Actually, Lois, he does own the place," Lana says, a bit snarkily. Lois asks if Lana is Lex's new assistant. "Umm, no, not exactly," Lana says. Lois figures it out, as Lana looks guilty as hell. "No way," Lois says. She says that, as long as you're single, why not go after the town's most eligible bachelor? Except that Lois hates Lex, or so we've been led to believe. Lois takes a sip of coffee. Lana tells Lois that Lex isn't her boyfriend. Lois nods and smiles, saying she's not big on girl talk, but that she has an unbiased ear and knows what it's like to have the bad-boy blues. Huh? How is Lois unbiased? She ran a campaign against Lex. Lana believes that crock of shit and starts to smile.

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