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Bo-Back Mountin'

Daily Planet. Chloe and Clark are walking down some stairs. Chloe says that she's a believer in ghost stuff, but that she doesn't buy Bo "Hamlet-ing" Clark. Clark says he knows how it sounds. Chloe relents in her doubt and asks Clark to hand her a cloak and call her Horatio. Clark thinks she's talking about Horatio Sanz. Clark asks what Papa Luthor could be doing that would be so bad as to engender this warning. Chloe thinks it must have something to do with Clark's secret. He thinks that's part of it, but not the whole answer; he thinks something is already in motion. He tells Chloe about the blackmail disc and Papa Luthor coming to MamaKent's rescue. I thought Chloe already knew all this. Chloe asks what they'll do if they find a smoking gun, and if there's anything they could find that would make Clark Kent kill someone. What, again? Clark does a brooding look.

A helicopter is parked near Luthor Manor. Inside, Papa Luthor is in Lex's office, popping some pills. He hides the bottle of medicine as Lex walks in and asks what's so important that it would keep his helicopter waiting. Papa Luthor says that it must be what Lex has cooking in Honduras, and it ain't the banana daiquiris. Wow, that sounds good. Papa fishes for info. "Challenging upper management often leads to a bout of unemployment," Lex warns. Papa sidesteps the threat, saying that the welfare of Lex's workers it the least of his concerns: "You're involved with Milton Fine." Whoa! I knew it! Hot time in the jungle! Lex is so busted. Papa knows that Lex has been helping to smuggle deadly viruses into the country. Lex says that they won't put them in any Halloween candy. Papa says that Lex is pretty nonchalant for someone whose collection of viruses could wipe out half the country. Lex says that it's under control. Papa Luthor says that Professor SoFine seems to be able to appear simultaneously on opposite ends of the world. He asks Lex how he plans to control that. Lex turns, as dramatic swivel music plays. He says that Papa Luthor's intel is impressive, but incomplete. Papa advises Lex to shut the operation down and destroy all the viruses. He adds that SoFine embodies a threat greater than Lex realizes. Lex says that Papa taught him to keep friends close and enemies closer. "This is one enemy you don't know," says Papa. He adds that not knowing who you're in bed with can make for an uncomfortable awakening. Wow. Good advice, people. Go forth and heed that. Lex says that he'll present that nugget to the board when he's explaining why he's late. Lex walks out, annoyed. Papa Luthor takes a drink of water, but before he can get it to his lips, he spasms and gasps. The camera goes overhead as Papa raises his arms and looks like he wants to fly. He drops his glass. It shatters. Papa falls to his knees. Praise Lex! He scrambles to a nearby table and finds a Magic Marker. He starts writing Kryptonian symbols. Papa's eyes are glazed white. We zoom inside and see a typographer's nightmare, a bunch of symbols are flying all over the place. We zoom back out, and Papa's eye goes back to normal. Jarnelle is calling collect.

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