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Bo-Back Mountin'

LuthorCorp labs. The floors are illuminated, and there are super-high ceilings. A few scientists walk around doing scientist tasks. They're all, like, calculating sums and shit. It blows my mind. Lana asks what this place is. She didn't ask on the way? Lex says that it's the future, and that he'd like Lana to be by his side when it arrives. Wow, the future needs more techno music. Lana reads from the papers he's handed her. "You've been collecting viruses?" she asks. It's just a hobby, really. He has an issue #1 salmonella, mint, bagged and boarded. Lex says that they're the most deadly viruses on the planet. Lana asks what he's going to do with them. You know, eat some. Give some out at parties. Lex turns dramatically: "Change the world." That too. Lex says that they've been able to transform the viruses to turn them into the ultimate vaccine. He holds up a vial. The only problem is, the vaccine gives you herpes. Of the eye. In both nostrils. Lex says that a shot of the vaccine could protect you from any virus that was unleashed. "Unleashed? By who [sic]?" Lana asks. Lex says that SoFine told him that the first spacecraft might be the first of many. Lex says that Lana has to keep this a secret, and that even SoFine doesn't know they're been developing vaccines here. Oh, I'm sure he's figured it out. Lana asks why Lex doesn't trust SoFine anymore. Lex thinks that SoFine is reporting to someone a little higher up. He shows Lana two photos. One of them shows the ship in a jungle. Lex says he was tracking SoFine, and the dude led him to the ship. Lex says that the two photos were taken a hundredth of a second apart. SoFine is in one photo, standing next to the ship, and not in the other. Lana says, "Oh my God." She asks if SoFine came out of the ship like the others. The Others? Lex says that he went along with SoFine, to buy some time and learn his weakness. Lex thinks that SoFine might not have any. Lana thinks really hard. "He might," she says. Lana describes finding Papa Luthor in a trance, and how he told her how to stop them. Lex loves Lana now.

Kent kitchen. MamaKent has just arrived home, and rushes to catch the phone before the answering machine does. It's Papa Luthor. He leaves a message saying he knows that things are strained, but that something's going on that Clark needs to know about. He asks MamaKent to call him as soon as possible. She exhales. Decides to call. Just as she's dialing, she notices someone in the living room. A window is open, and a curtain is blowing. "Jonathan!" MamaKent sighs. He asks her, "How long have you had feelings for Lionel Luthor?" Dude is all shadowy. She says that it's not like that. Ghost Bo says that he wants Mama to be happy, but not with Papa Luthor. He sounds creepy. MamaKent gets on a knee and says that Bo's the only man she ever loved. She says that it's been hard without his voice and his touch: "I miss you so much." She reaches out to him, but he suddenly reappears behind her. "I miss you too, sweetheart," he says, without much love. MamaKent stands. She sighs and asks why he had to leave her. Ghost Bo says that he had no choice, and neither will a lot of other innocent people. She asks if he's talking about Papa Luthor. "He's going to drown you all in your own blood like he did me," Ghost Bo tells her. Damn, man! Scare us, why don't you? Ghost Bo advises MamaKent to tell Clark that there's no other choice: Papa Luthor has to die. "He has to," he repeats, and disappears. We pull out through the window as MamaKent looks around in shock. Outside the window, Ghost Bo transforms into Professor SoFine. Evil! And well-played. He zips away.

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