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Bo-Back Mountin'

Daily Planet. Chloe is about to tell Clark something, but asks him to keep a cool head and keep his American Psycho instincts on the back burner. Comparing Clark to Christian Bale? That's just wrong, Chloe. Chloe says that she's been looking up old phone records, and that unless Papa Luthor was selling long-distance plans (huh?), he was desperately trying to reach Bo Duke. Chloe has found twenty calls made by Papa Luthor. I wonder if Chloe will ever be arrested for illegally pulling up database records that don't belong to her. Clark asks when the calls stopped. Chloe says that the two men talked by phone an hour before Bo Duke died. Clark wonders if Papa Luthor was just congratulating Bo. Chloe says that the call came from just a mile from Clark's house, in Jansen's Field. Clark is mad that Papa Luthor was there the night Bo died. Angry Clark!

The Barnness of Impending Asskickitude. Papa Luthor arrives. He calls for Clark, who is upstairs standing in shadows. Papa thanks Clark for calling and says that they don't have much time. Angrily stomping down the stairs, Clark asks if this is where it happened, and whether Papa met Bo there the night he died. "Yes, yes, it is," Papa says without hesitation. He says that he had to talk to Bo; it was important. Clark grabs Papa Luthor and flings him thirty feet, onto a workbench. It crashes, of course. "He found out, didn't he?" Clark yells. He thinks Bo found out about Papa's plan to use Bo as a weapon. Papa, stunned, looks around, but seems unhurt. Papa gets up and rushes to Clark, saying, "A weapon? No, Clark, no," but Clark grabs him again and flings him another thirty feet, onto the ground. "Noooo!" Papa Luthor yells. Clark asks what Papa did to Bo. Papa says that he wanted to help, but thatBo Duke took it the wrong way. As Papa tries to get up, Clark puts a hand on his shoulder and shoves him back down to his knees. "You killed my father," Clark says. Prepare to die! Papa denies it. Clark thinks that Papa pushed Bo until his heart gave out. He says he will never be anyone's weapon. Everyone at the club is going to be really disappointed. Papa says it's not Clark. "Lies," says Ghost Bo. My wife imitates him from the couch as she reads the paper: "Liiieeeeesss."

Ghost Bo shows up, standing next to the two enemies. He says that Clark has to kill Papa Luthor before he can spew more lies. Papa tries to tell Clark to listen to him, but Clark says, "Shut up!" "Do it, Clark. Do it!" says Ghost Bo. Do it! Do it! Wait, what I am saying? Damn, that Ghost Bo sure is persuasive. Clark says that Papa Luthor killed Bo. Ghost Bo chimes in, saying yes, that definitely happened, so Clark had better hurry up and avenge his death. "Your father would never make you a murderer, Clark," Papa says quickly. Clark doubts. He looks back at Ghost Bo. "Kill him!" Ghost Bo bellows, annoyed. Papa begs Clark to listen to him. Ghost Bo bellows that he knows this is difficult to hear: "But you have got to KILL LIONEL LUTHOR!" This ghost is pushy! Clark looks back and forth. Close-up of his hand on Papa's neck. Close-up of Clark's eyes. "Clark Kent, KILL HIM NOW!" Ghost Bo yells. Clark's eyes go fiery. He turns and eyejaculates at Ghost Bo. Ew! Ectoplasm! Ghost Bo is flung back and hits the tractor. Hey, Clark just fixed that! Clark releases Papa Luthor. Ghost Bo, his clothes smoking, gets up. He snarks that he asks Clark to do one simple thing, and this is what he gets. He calls Clark a tremendous disappointment. "You're not my father," Clark mutters. Ghost Bo goes, "Ho, ho ho!" He tells "Kal-El" that he underestimated him. Ghost Bo flings the tractor at Clark. Clark raises his hands, but instead of catching it, he lets the thing smash right into him. Destruction. Ghost Bo grins. Then he zips out of there. Clark flings wood aside. He looks around. Where's Papa Luthor? Ghost Bo comes up from behind and grabs Clark in a chokehold. He says it would be so easy to snap Clark's neck like a twig. "But I still need you," he says. Clark asks who he is. He says he's the guy who's going to bring the world to its knees. Ghost Bo suddenly arches his back in pain. We see Papa Luthor standing nearby, his eyes cloudy. Papa raises his hand and moves it toward Ghost Bo. "Don't touch me. Don't do it," says Ghost Bo. Can't he just zip away? Papa touches his cheek, and he turns into flashing light. Ghost Bo turns into Professor SoFine. Then he illuminates and disappears. Clark is like, "Whoa!" Papa blinks. His eyes go back to normal. He looks at his outstretched hand. "What -- what just happened?" he asks. You totally kicked some ass, that's what.

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