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Red Dawn

Ubiquitous warehouse. Zod has assembled his soldiers to give them their battle plans. "This tower must be built," he says. He picks out one of the soldiers and tells him -- I kid you not -- to get into City Hall to "smooth over" any laws that might get in their way. Seriously. This soldier is assigned to the zoning commission. Zod tells another soldier to get into the power plant to get them the energy they need. He starts to give Alia her assignment, but Clark whooshes into the room, cutting him off. He's wearing his Emo Blur outfit. "I understand you've been looking for me," Clark says. Zod turns to him. "My brother and sister Kandorians, he has come," he says with something like reverence to the soldiers behind him. And then he tells them: "Kneel... before Kal-El." All of them (minus Zod) get down on one knee and salute him. Clark looks worried. Zod gives him a small but completely crazy smile. Clark looks even more worried. You should have listened to Oliver and Chloe, dude.

Grade: C. A good idea and mostly good acting, marred by a nonsensical plot and flimsy character motivation. In other words, about par for the course with this show.

Tippi Blevins is going to travel two months into the future to recap the next episode. See you there! Or, you can reach her at

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