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KentFan: The Killening

Al: We did it! We killed off Alicia!
Miles: Bravo, Al. Nicely done. Very nicely done.
Al: Yeah, we didn't wuss out like those dudes on Lost. Fuck those guys.
Miles: Yes. So...what now? How will Clark deal with all this next week?
Al: Next...week?
Miles: Yes. You know. Episode after this?
Al: We...I...we have some football episode where Clark is all giddy because he might be a quarterback.
Miles: Oh, Al...
Al: Shit! I had it in my Blackberry and everything!
Miles: God. I think I can only stand one more year of this. Give Clark the damn tights already.

Next week: The emotional fallout from KentFan's death continues to devastate Clark as he struggles to find meaning behind the choices he's made and the weight of the secret he keeps while the town mourns a person they horribly misjudged...naw, just fucking with you. It's about college football being awesome. Woohoo! Football makes everything better. Think I'll go watch the Super Bowl now.

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