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KentFan: The Killening

Kent Farm, daylight. The sound of a moo-cow reminds us of better days. In the barn, Clark opens up a red tool box and finds a strip of lead he just happens to keep around for a rainy day. He uses his powerful hands to try to shape it into noodle form. It's not exactly plucking a diamond out of a piece of coal, is it? KentFan comes in, walking right past Clark's Super Hearing ability, and says, "It won't work." This storyline -- this whole season, maybe. It won't work. As Clark continues to fidget with his lead loop, KentFan says that the bracelet she wore had to be able to release trace amounts of lead into her bloodstream to keep her from teleporting. I thought Clark already knew that. Clark thinks, "Stupid, stupid lead." "I guess it's the thought that counts," KentFan says sardonically. She adds that it's a pretty ugly thought. "Where were you last night?" Clark asks. Oh, you know, doing the football team. Because he'd react more positively to that than to the alternative. KentFan says she was wondering if Clark would ever call her again. Clark tells her that Jason was attacked. He adds he was there, and shows her the attempted murder weapon. Is this soft scarf yours, KentFan? Because Clark would love to wear it. KentFan says she didn't do it. She doesn't know how the scarf got there. Clark tells her she has to turn herself in. "You don't believe me," she says. Clark says he wants to, but that he has to stop these attacks. KentFan advises him to find the attacker. Clark says everyone thinks it's her. KentFan: "Why? Because of my powers? Because I'm a freak?" She suggests that if everyone knew Clark's secret, he'd probably be a suspect, too. KentFan lectures Clark, asking how his friends would react if they knew he was exactly like KentFan. I think that first, they'd be surprised by his girl parts. Clark, in La-La Land, says they'll go to the sheriff and explain everything and it'll all work out. KentFan thinks about it. She says she'll go if Clark joins her and reveals his secret, too. Clark shakes his head no. "I can't do that," he says. KentFan says that if they do this, everyone will have to accept them both for who they are. "I'm sorry," Clark says. So is KentFan. She says that they'll only be free when everyone knows the truth. "Don't hate me for wanting that," she adds gently. She walks away. She tells Clark goodbye. As he always does when KentFan disappears, Clark thrusts his hand into the green mist of her teleport. What is he trying to do? Karate-chop her in the ribs?

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