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Uncle Sam Wants You... to Die!
famous Trans-Kansa-Lantic current that connects Kansas to Florida. Happy swimming! Watch out for the wheat sharks! Mera has some nice words for Clark before they go: "Even when the tide is turning, you work hard to bring change by delivering justice, not bombs... as a patriot... to the country, not just the cause." Let's be generous and say she got her education from a school of fish and that's why she's so stilted. A.C. gives Clark a big smile and says, "That's our boyscout!"

Lois and Clark see them out the door. Lois thanks Clark for bringing her home in his arms, which were a lot better than flying coach. Riding a syphilitic porcupine would be better than flying coach during this time of year. Clark is sorry that Lois had to fly out to Florida in the first place just to find him. She tries to brush it off, but Clark is insistent. "The truth is, I rely on you more than anyone else," he says. "I trust you to know parts of me that I don't even trust myself." Lois positively glows hearing all this. Clark says she's the only one he's told about the "darkness" he's tried to fight. Lois wonders if they'll ever be able to work together like A.C. and Mera, considering how different they are. God, shut up about your relationship issues already! This all feels so forced. Lois worries they won't fit together properly, except she uses a metaphor about jigsaw puzzles and Picasso. Clark thinks none of that matters, but Lois thinks about how her mom used to look every time her father was deployed and how stoic she stayed until he left. She says her parents were in it together, and she is, too. But she's not the only one: "You didn't tell anyone about the darkness, because you think you're supposed to be invincible... and it terrifies you that you're not." Clark sighs. He doesn't think he can protect people if he can't protect himself... from THE DARKNESS. Lois reminds him he's not alone and that his team needs to know what they're fighting. Clark's eyebrows look thoughtful.

Watchtower. Clark brings Lois inside for the first time. "Welcome to Watchtower, the official headquarters of the home team." "Which you are clearly on now," Tess says from the stairs. Lois looks a little wary, but Tess smiles and says, "Finally." Lois smiles back. It seems like Lois would have questioned Tess's role in the team, but she must know that there are only three minutes left in the episode. That wouldn't be nearly enough time for Lois to work through one of her rants, even at top speed. When Oliver joins them a moment later, Clark gets down to why everyone is there: "We all knew what the government was up to, but those prisons were part of a much bigger threat. Hate crimes are up, people like Slade... they're getting more control, and Godfrey's anti-vigilante message is reaching more ears than ever before, and I don't think it's a coincidence." Tess chalks it up to good, old human frailty. Lois gives Clark an encouraging look, so Clark fesses up about THE DARKNESS that came through the portal when he sent the Kandorians away. He says it's the worst fight they've ever faced. They can't see it to fight it. "It preys upon the dark side we already have, it feeds on our doubts, our fears and our distrust." He tells them about the omega symbol he saw branded on Slade's skull. Tess compares it to the biblical "mark of the beast." "Which would explain why he veered so far off his marching orders," Lois says. That or he was just a zealous war hawk. We have those in the real world, too, and they don't need Darkseid to corrupt them. Lois remembers Kara saying it couldn't infect anyone who had a pure heart, but Clark says everyone has a weakness. "If we can't stop it," he says, "THE DARKNESS will infect everyone on this planet." Everyone looks worried.

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