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Stone Face/Off

Stately Luthor Manor, daytime. Papa Luthor enters the Lair of Lex. Lex is upstairs and calls to his father. "Boundaries, Lex!" Papa Luthor bellows, hilariously. He asks what was so important that Lex had to pull him out of an important meeting. Lex comes downstairs and says that, according to the company visitor logs (they smell of pine), Boy Editor came to visit Papa Luthor. Papa chuckles. Papa says that Boy Editor seems to be at the center of one of Lex's latest projects. Lex says that Papa always told him that newspapers are just lies delivered daily. Papa acknowledges that he may have underestimated the power of the media. Lex asks what Papa thought of Boy Editor. "Insightful. Courageous. Direct," says Papa. He tells Lex that the guy is Lex's complete opposite. Ouch! Lex says that he'll deal with Boy Editor himself in the future. "You say that as if he belongs to you," Papa says. He says taht Lex can't claim Boy Editor like a piece of property. Oh, bravo. "You know, don't you?" Lex asks. Ya think? Papa angrily asks whether Lex really thought he could resurrect his dead brother as part of some sick vanity project. Only Prince should still be allowed to work on Vanity projects. Lex tries to make it sound like Papa Luthor would have done it if he'd only had the guts. "What you've done is depraaaaaved," Papa says. You tell 'im! He says that Lex disgusts him. Papa tries to walk away, but Lex grabs him. He asks if Papa wouldn't want to look into Julian's eyes again and see the son he lost. Papa sadly says, "It's you I've lost." It's such a good line, he repeats it before he exits. Lex stands there looking crushed.

Kynt Farm. Wow, somebody turned those lights on a little too bright. Everything is oversaturated. In the Kynt kitchen, Lana arrives carrying a single paper grocery bag. The requisite baguette and asparagus are sticking out at the top. I'll ask once again. What kind of shitty farmers have to buy vegetables at the store? Chloe is there waiting for her. They let Chloe come into the house whenever she wants? That's a bit creepy. She says she's looking for Clark, and that he is acting beyond weird. She asks whether Lana has noticed anything unusual. Lana says that Clark has finally opened up and let her in. Ew. You mean like Ralphie Cifaretto? Chloe tells Lana the crest story, and says that the Clark she knows would never forget something like that. Lana, who has been unloading her meager groceries, says that maybe Chloe doesn't know Clark as well as she thinks she does. Oh no she di-in't! Lana, never looking Chloe in the eye, says that maybe Clark is taking time out to find his own happiness. In bed. With Lana. Gross. Chloe squints at Lana, who says that Clark's priorities are changing. Chloe thinks Clark's personality is in a whole other universe. Chloe says that she's been part of Clark's inner circle a long time, and that she knows when he's not himself. Lana, patronizing, says that maybe it's time for Chloe to let him go a little. Chloe says she's not hanging on, insisting, "There's something wrong."

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