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Stone Face/Off

Lana is at Oliver's place. Bizarro, of course, shows up just as Lana is trying to call by cell phone. She asks if Papa Luthor was any help. Bizarro tells her that Brainiac and Bizarro are now working together. They hug as Lana accepts blame for all this. Lana glances in a window and sees in the reflection that Bizarro's face has changed in the sun. She tries not to let it slip that she knows something. Bizarro says that they need to get her out of there. Lana says that she needs to go get her bag. Bizarro smiles creepily.

Arizona. A wind blows an absurd tumbleweed nearby as Clark puts a giant hunk of blue rock into a little lead case. He puts a look of determination on his face, and then whooshes out.

Oliver's apartment. Bizarro is waiting on Lana. She's trying to text-message Clark, "HELP! HE'S HERE!" Bizarro's superhearing picks up loud chiming from the phone. He catches Lana as she's trying to send another text message. ("Cld u pckup p'za on way? No food hr.") Lana is busted. She tries to run. Bizarro whooshes in front of her. Lana calls him a monster. He says he's the same dude she's been with the last few weeks, and that she'd said she'd never been happier: "I made you feel that way! Not Clark." Bizarro says all that mattered was his survival when he came to town, but that all changed when he met Lana. What...bullshit. We hear another whoosh. Clark, wearing the opposite (red jacket, blue shirt), pulls out the blue rock and tries to punch Bizarro with it. Bizarro reacts quickly, swinging at Clark and sending him flying across the room. The rock lands on the floor. Lana goes to pick it up. Bizarro asks what she's doing. "Will this destroy him?" Lana asks. Clark says it will. Clark tells Lana to take it and go because he won't be able to protect her without his abilities. "I'll do it myself," says Lana. Clark tries to stop her. Bizarro tells Lana that she finally felt in love with Clark this last month. He says he knows what's in Clark's mind, and that Clark doesn't love her the way Bizarro does. "That's a lie!" Clark yells. Bizarro says that Clark is lying to himself. Lana doesn't know what to think. Bizarro says that Clark won't commit his life to her the way Clark will. Lana finally says, "He's right, Clark." Lana says she's never been more in love than she was the last month: "Only it wasn't with you. It was with him." Bizarro gives Clark a cocky smile. Lana, shut up! Bizarro promises that nothing will come between them again. He holds out his hand. Lana takes it as her other hand grips the blue rock. She hesitates, and then places the blue rock in Bizarro's hand. It glows brightly. He looks at Lana sadly, before his face starts turning to stone. He looks up, and chunks of his face break off. "I love you," he tells Lana as he falls apart. Take care other...paaaaaants! Clark shields Lana just before Bizarro explodes. Clark says he's gone. He hugs Lana. She doesn't seem too thrilled with that.

Commercials. Top Models be crazy!

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