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Not Based on the Novel by Jane Austen

Watchtower, night. Clark watches an image of the solar towers on one of the computer screens. Chloe joins him. Without looking at her, he asks, "If you were really under a command to protect me, why didn't you let me kill her?" Chloe waits until he finally glances at her before answering. "Because sometimes protecting you means protecting you from yourself." Yeah, you big, dumb, self-hypnotizing dork. She says Clark is someone that everyone needs to believe in. She couldn't let anything compromise that. He tells her that Zod killed Alia for murdering Jor-El. Chloe thinks this over for a minute and realizes this means Alia can't kill her in the future now. "That means the future we saw is changing," Chloe says. Clark: "There's only one way to make sure." Clark looks at the solar towers on the screen again.

Rockin' guitar music plays as Clark stands atop a gargoyle high above the streets of Metropolis. His black coat flaps dramatically. He takes a few breaths, sets his sights on the solar towers, and blasts them with his heat vision. Out on the streets just outside the towers, Zod is speaking with a handful of reporters. "When the first rays of the sun fall upon the solar tower tomorrow morning, it will herald the dawn of a new age of infinite power." His last word coincides with Clark's attack on the towers. The blast shakes the street. The reporters yelp and look up. Some of them snap pictures, hopefully of the "Blur" being a destructive menace. Zod looks up, his mouth hanging open as he watches the two towers burst into flames. He's not angry or surprised. He looks infinitely sad. Clark watches as the metal structure of the towers gives way, collapsing as the fire spreads. It's just a horrible, horrible, disturbing image, purposefully evocative of the destruction of the Twin Towers. I remember when the show first started, there were some media types who speculated that part of the show's success came from people looking for something hopeful and wholesome so soon after September 11, 2001. Whatever the show is now, it's not looking terribly hopeful or wholesome anymore.

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