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Not Based on the Novel by Jane Austen

Clark comes to a stop outside some sort of dockyard or warehouse... type... place. He throws Tess out before him and she lands with a thud and a cry on the gravel-covered ground. Clark, with a weirdly deep voice, says, "My father was murdered and I'm here to collect." Tess is like, "What is this cheesy dialogue?" He explains he's there to collect justice... or vengeance. "Just depends whose side you're on." He lights a circle of fire with his eyes, trapping Tess inside. Who knew gravel was so flammable? She gets shakily to her feet, pleading with him. "You confided in me, Clark, you revealed your powers." He roughed you up, lady. I don't think that counts as "confiding" in you. She reminds him she hasn't told anyone his secret. He thinks she sold him out to Zod. What plot was that? I thought Clark was the one who revealed himself to Zod? Aw, screw it, let's just get back to the scene: Tess stumbles around the ring of fire, looking for a way out, but it burns, burns, burns. She says Clark is supposed to lead the Kandorians. "You've seen the future," Clark says, "you know what happens." She makes a break for it, but trips. Scooting away from Clark, she says he needs to join the Kandorians and defeat Zod so he can't take Clark's powers. They techo-babble annoyingly about how the towers work. Tess says she had no idea that Clark's powers would disappear when the towers were finished. Clark advances on her. He tells her not to worry. "I'll save your world; just not with you in it." His eyes light up in preparation for barbecuing her alive. Somehow, miraculously, Chloe shows up at this very moment with a big chunk of Kryptonite to disable Clark. How'd she find him? How'd she get there so fast? Who the hell knows? Chloe's and Clark's eyes flash with rainbow colors. Clark staggers and falls to his knees. Tess stares wide-eyed at them both. Clark doesn't look like he wants to kill her anymore, so I guess the effect has worn off. That'll learn ya not to hypnotize yourself again, you doofus.

Zod's warehouse hideout. Alia holds a gun that's wrapped in dirty rags. Zod walks up behind her. "Why did you call me here?" he asks. She grips the gun, lowering it to her side. "I'm sorry," she says. For a moment, it seems like she's going to kill him. Then she starts to speak of Jor-El. "He thought we were abominations," she says. "He would have destroyed us." Zod's chin quivers as he takes in her words. "You killed him," he says. Anticlimactic, right? "Justice must be served," Alia says. She hands the gun to Zod. He takes it from her, gripping her hand for a moment as he does so. She kneels before him, head bowed. He levels the gun at her chest. He really seems like he doesn't want to kill her. Nonetheless, he pulls the trigger. She falls to the floor. Zod exhales sharply and lowers his eyes. What pretty eyelashes you have, Mr. Alien Dictator, sir.

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