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Don't You Wanta Phantom?

The Dam of Alien Genetics Experiments. A car is driving on the bridge. Lois gets out, holding her numbered note cards. Her phone's GPS shows that she's in the right place. "Reeves Dam," she says to herself, "I don't get it." Eh, you kind of had to be there. She walks over to the edge and sees the super secret base. She sees a door. Danger!

The Daily Planet newsroom. Chloe is at her desk. Clark sits opposite her, clacking on the keys of his own laptop. They let him just set up camp in the newsroom? Chloe asks if the symptoms of phantom infection are black eyes and a high fever. "That and a bad temper," Clark snarks, inappropriately. Clark says that Chloe's hack to get into the QPP (Quebec Provincial Police) database worked. He's searching records. Chloe finds a record of a young boy taken to a hospital thirteen miles from the village with the same symptoms. Chloe finds the hospital name, but says the boy's already disappeared. Clark finds the police report. He says someone saw the boy being loaded into an unmarked helicopter. That seems like an awfully loud way to be unmarked. Clark thinks Lex is responsible. Chloe says Lex is doing all this and Papa Luthor is Clark's new father figure. She's finding it a lot to take in one day. Clark says there's more. "Lana's leaving him," he says. He didn't mention this when he first got there? Chloe is surprised and happy. Clark confesses that he revealed his whole secret to Lana. "Wow," Chloe says. She says they have a new charter member of the secret-keeping club. She asks what Lana said. "She kissed me," Clark tells her. Chloe can't quite hide a twinge of disappointment as she says, "That's fantastic." Chloe is happy for Clark and says he must be on "cloud ninety-nine." "Ninety-nine"? Clark says he will be after he's dealt with this phantom.

Lois sneaks into the secret dam base. This looks an awful lot like the tunnels from a few episodes back. She finds a chained gate and is able to squeeze through it. A guy in a uniform and cap catches her and asks what she's doing there. Lois lies that she's an engineering student at Met U doing a paper on hydroelectric power. The goatee-sporting henchman tells her to go back the way she came. Lois says she's not going anywhere until she finds out what's really going on in this dam. Water stuff. Now go. The guy pulls a gun and tells her they're going for a walk. Lois bats the gun away and kicks the guard. She punches him. He pulls out a huge knife. He calls Lois "a wild one." He swings the knife a few times. Pushes Lois against the wall. They struggle with the knife. He backs her up against the gage and arcs the knife, stabbing her in the gut. She blinks in pain, then head-butts him. She shoulders him and he falls, hitting his head on a big pipe. Lois exhales. The knife is sticking out of her stomach. Lois pulls it out in one slow, moist-sounding motion. She gasps. Lois shakily tries to walk. She doesn't get very far. She uses her cell phone to call Chloe. She only manages to get the name out before she drops the phone and falls. The one thing you can say about Lois: she's willing to take a stab at anything.

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