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Return Of The Bad-Ass

Lair of Lex. Lex walks in as opera music plays. He's wearing the same shirt he was on the plane, but he looks very exhausted and dirty. Lex takes off his wedding ring as he walks into the room. "Well done, Lex," says a bastardous voice. Man, that guy is everywhere! Magnificently! Lex slips the ring into his pocket without turning. "That was a Machiavellian maneuver worthy of a Luthor," says Papa. Lex says he appreciates it, but doesn't know what Papa Luthor is talking about. Papa Luthor asks whether Lex really thinks Papa Luthor would neglect to put surveillance on his planes. He holds up what looks like the DVD director's cut of Lex's latest adventure. Papa Luthor asks if they should send out a search party for Dropkick. Lex says he has someone on it, but doubts that anyone will find her until she wants them to. She's wily, that black widow. Papa Luthor says he never imagined Lex would fall in love with Dropkick. Papa Luthor says he's sorry it happened, but that Lex shouldn't be too hard on himself. "You know the sick thing?" Lex asks. The way people in this episode keep asking what the sick or twisted thing is? Lex says he knew that, of all people, Papa would understand. Papa Luthor says he does. He talks about survival: it's what's for dinner. Lex says he knows that now. Lex says that if he'd been anybody else's son, he'd have died on the island. He says that all the tests Papa Luthor put him through made him a survivor. Well, Papa Luthor and Mark Burnett. Papa Luthor looks touched. Lex says that if he keeps his pride in check, he knows there's more to learn from his father. He says he's hoping the offer to run LuthorCorp together still stands. Evil! It's evil! Lex extends his hand. "I, um..." Papa Luthor begins. He says he doesn't want Lex to make a hasty decision. Lex stops him. He says he's learned to trust his instincts. Papa swells with pride. They shake hands. Papa puts another hand on top of it. He says it's good to have Lex back. "Son," Papa says. Lex moves forward. The two share an awkward but revelatory hug. Lex closes his eyes in filial bliss. Papa Luthor keeps his eyes open, lest he get stabbed in the back.

Kent Farm. The packing continues. Clark comes downstairs as Bo bitches about leaving the farm; Clark says it's not the place that makes it a home. MamaKent asks if Clark is coming with them. He says he called the police in Metropolis and told them where the money he stole is. Even the money he bought the car with? And the money for his apartment? Boy, that must have taken some creative accounting. Clark says you can't run away from your problems when the real problem is in your blood. I expect to see Clark on the cover of Out magazine with the headline, "Living with It" next month. Bo tells Clark not to be so hard on himself.

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