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Return Of The Bad-Ass

Just then, Lex comes in. Clark says that Lex missed the garage sale, but that they have lots of macramé plant holders left. Lex is amused. He says he's doing some of his own purging at the mansion. How do you think he stays looking so fit? Lex pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to Bo. "You bought our farm?" asks MamaKent of Exposition Lane. Lex says he put the Kents' name in the deed. Bo says that they can't accept this. Lex explains that after the plane went down, Lex found the compass Bo gave him -- his wedding present -- and it guided him to safe harbor. Wait, you mean the safe harbor of the desert island? He had a nautical map to go with that compass? Lex has pulled out the compass; it looks pretty beat up. He says that the least he can do is help them keep the farm. Bo loves his live gay son's gay friend. He says they'll find a way to pay Lex back. Lex says he's not worried about that but adds, "If it's not too presumptuous, I hope you'll just consider me part of the family." Clark goes "Whoop!" inside and smiles. I give a cheer for this stunning turn of events. Bo beams some more with real, home-grown pride.

Outside, Clark is hanging up the Kent Farm sign. He sees Lana ride up on her horse. She's not wearing pink. Clark steps down from the ladder and says hi. She doesn't bite his head off for using the word "hi" this time. Lana says she's glad the Kents are getting a second chance with the farm. Clark says he'll be earning every cent of his allowance this year. Lana smiles: "So you're staying?" Clark says he wants to put the stuff from Metropolis behind him. It's a new TV season, ya know. Lana says she's hoping they can put everything else behind them, too. Clark moves forward. Lana says that there are things Clark tries to shield her from, but that he doesn't have to protect her. She takes his hand. "Whatever it is, I can handle it," she says. She tells Clark she really wants to know him. Clark pulls his hand away. He says that the way she looked at him in Metropolis was disgusted. And he doesn't want to get that look again. And what's with all the pink? And could you think of somebody but yourself for once? And where the hell is Nell? And could you give Chloe a break? Oh, and about that thing you do when you whisper all your dialogue? You know, really, this breakup was inevitable. Lana says she wasn't disgusted -- just confused. Congusted. Um, disfused. Lana says that Clark wasn't himself. Oh, that's where you're wrong, cipher girl. Clark says that he chose to let that part out, and that it's always gong to be there. He says that Lana doesn't want to know that part of him. Lana says that's her decision to make. Well, really, it's not, because you're getting...DISMISSED! Clark says he's sorry. He wanted this so much and tried to be the right guy for Lana. But he's not. "This will never work," he says. Dido, singing in the background, agrees. Except she sings about not giving up, and that's exactly what Clark is doing. "You never had to try," Lana says as she gets up on her horse. She rides her pink ass out on the horse she rode in on. In my house, loud cheers echo. What a nice turn of events.

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