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A Pilot Doesn't Have to Fly

Clark goes back to his Peeping Tom Welling ways, putting on the same song that was being played at the dance. That's just creepy. But then he's interrupted again (can't a boy get off in peace?) by Lana, who says she didn't see him at the dance. She sweetly says that she saved a dance for him. They dance. Slowly. They pull away. "Is everything okay, Clark?" she asks. "It's perfect," he answers.

But, no! Clark is interrupted from his little fantasy by honking horns. Lana's been dropped off and instead of fulfilling his fantasy, she's going inside. "Thanks for the dance, Lana," Clark says. Lana turns suddenly. He does have super voice projection, you know, so maybe she did hear him. Then she turns back around and goes inside. Clark watches with the intensity of my hatred for Chloe and the camera suddenly swoops up to a bird's-eye view of Supermope and his angst. Did I call that, or what?

"You're all I want. You're everything," the crap rock plays as we fade to black. Because that's the most original sentiment in rock music today.

Next week: Lex goes a little nuts, but says he's no criminal mastermind. Yet.

Quick shout-out to my JournalCon homies. You all are the true superheroes.

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