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Stately ex-Luthor Manor. Nighttime. Tess is having a night in. The fireplace is going and she's staring at a profile of Punky Bruiser. She hasn't changed from her work clothes. An older gentleman, one of Tess's troops, comes in. He says Punky has gone off the grid again. Tess tells him to keep looking until they find her. The man says that the girl is dangerous and that Lex would have had them terminate the problem on-site. Do I look like Mr. Fucking Luthor? Tess says she's the boss now and that she can't trust this doofus to finish things properly. She wants Punky brought to her so she can deal with things herself. Tess goes back to looking at the file. This henchman will be dead soon, I'm sure.

Metropolis General. Lois and Clark are playing sneak-around. Lois is carrying a large bouquet of flowers. Clark warns her that she's going to go to prison for stealing a file. Lois shows Clark a collection of stolen key cards she has collected. She has one for the hospital, along with other Metropolis institutions. The card opens a secure door. She jokes that if she could collect mileage on these things, she'd see the world. Clark sort of likes that. Lois wants Clark to cover the door. He does. Just then, Davis walks by. He's everywhere! He spots Clark and tells him that patients are on another floor. Clark recognizes Davis from the accident. Davis says Clark helped quite a bit. Clark says that Davis is the real hero. Oh, just KISS! Davis acts shy and with Clark holding this flowers between them, do you even have to guess? It's the Gayest Look of the Episode. Clark introduces himself. Davis introduces himself as "Davis Bloome." He says he met Clark's fiancée. "I'm getting married?" Clark asks. Davis says he saw Clark and Chloe together and they seemed pretty close. He assumed Clark was who she meant when she said she was engaged. "Chloe's engaged?" Clark asks, all innocent. It's very cute. Davis realizes he just spilled the beans. He remembers Chloe hadn't told anyone yet. He pats Clark on the shoulder and asks him not to tell Chloe that Davis revealed her secret. Clark, stunned, mumbles to himself, "I won't reveal my source."

Talon. Chloe, excited, comes into the apartment to tell Punky that she's got her application. Punky is already packing her things, saying there's been a change in plan. She's leaving Metropolis. She says it's gone sour. "Like... way past its shelf life?" Punky clarifies. Are we supposed to take that as a self-referential dig at the show itself? Because if so, I wholeheartedly agree. Chloe tries to warn Punky that it's dangerous out there. Punky says it's more dangerous in the place where she was held under lock and key. Chloe offers to call the home for Punky herself. Punky is getting really annoyed. Chloe says she's just trying to help. Punky sees it otherwise. Her eyes flash and she makes a mug on the table explode. There's a little fire where the mug once sat. Punky wishes Chloe hadn't made her do that. Chloe stands there, mouth open. Oh, Punky, Punky, Punky...

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