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As Chloe heads down the Talon stairs, Punky says, "Goodbye, Chloe!" Clark suddenly appears. Chloe trips and falls on her way down the stairs. "Chloe! No!" Clark yells. He superspeeds to catch Chloe just as a fireball is sailing toward her in slow motion. Clark grabs Chloe and turns. The fireball hits Clark's back, spreads out, then somehow fires back at Punky. Does... fire... really do that? Is this Smart Fire? Rubber Fire? Trampoline Fire? Punky doesn't appear hurt even though she was hit by an explosive ball of fire. She stares at Clark. "Stay away from me! I'll hurt you!" she says. Clark says she won't. He wants to help her. Sputtering all her lines, Punky asks why Clark would want to help her after all she's done. Oh, I get it. Clark is Henry, a curmudgeonly old man who likes wearing flannel. It all makes sense. Clark says she's not a monster, she's just been led down the wrong path. Punky goes into self-examination mode. She says when people find out what she can do, they try to hurt her. So she has to lie to protect herself. Chloe and Clark look sad. Clark says she doesn't have to hide from him. He reaches out her hand. Improbably, Punky takes it. Clark says we all have something we think we need to hide. "It's hard," he says. It's also dumb. He says it gets better. When? Season 12?

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Talon. Police lights flash across the marquee and the window where Chloe is standing in her apartment. Clark tells her that he talked to Lois and she's called off the National Guard. Chloe is shaken that Punky almost killed her. Clark says there's no way she could have known about the girl's power. Chloe cleans up trash as she says that the girl didn't trust her. She says she was only locked up for three weeks, but Punky was away for three years. Clark hopes that the girl will get the help she needs at Belle Reve. He shipped her to Belle Reve? After telling her to trust him and that everything was cool? Oh, Clark. What a fucking mistake you are sometimes. Chloe doesn't seem to think being in another cell will do the girl much good, either. Clark wonders if Chloe could have helped Punky if she'd known about the power sooner. He says sometimes the people who push you away the hardest are the ones who need the most help. Chloe, frustrated, says that's why somebody should be talking to them "from day one." She smacks her hand on the table and realizes something is missing. "Looking for this?" Clark asks. It's her engagement ring. Clark says he found it downstairs where Chloe was being chased. He asks if there's anything Chloe wants to tell him. She says she was on her way to tell Clark that morning. She makes a cute guilty face. She asks how Clark found out. Clark busts out the journalism rule about protecting your source.

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