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The Talon, daytime. Punky Bruiser has made Chloe a grilled cheese sandwich. Chloe is touched by some bread and melted processed dairy. There's a knock at the door. Clark walks in without waiting for an answer. Boundaries, Clark! Chloe's engaged now! Punky takes an instinctive step back. Chloe tells her it's all right. It's just some big, dumb alien. Not to worry. Clark is also back to wearing his red flannel. How quickly we regress. Punky recognizes Clark from the bus. Clark wants to ask her a few questions; he wants to know if she saw anything weird before the explosion. Chloe asks Clark what's up. He says there appears to have been no bomb on the bus and that he thinks it might have been caused by someone with a meteor power. "What's a meteor power?" Punky asks. Chloe explains the concept. Punky tells them that a teenager she knows named Tommy got some freaky powers from a meteor rock a few days ago. She says he can heat things up. Like a grilled cheese sandwich? She says that she got into a fight with Tommy and boarded the bus to get away from him. Clark asks where to find him. Punky says she can lead Clark to the guy. Chloe thinks it could be dangerous. Punky offers to wait in the car.

Hours later. Metropolis. Clark's red truck pulls up to a skate/bike punk area. Punky IDs Tommy. Clark remembers him as the kid with the skateboard who was running away from the accident. Clark, King Dorko, calls out, "Tommy!" The kid recognizes Clark. Clark says he just wants to talk. Punky gets out of the truck and tells the kid not to worry. As soon as Tommy sees her, he flings his skateboard on the ground and runs. Clark gives chase down the cliché alley that always ends with a tall, chain-link fence. Tommy tries to climb, but fails. He tells Clark to get away. Punky, who didn't stay back like Clark asked, tells Tommy that it'll be all right. Tommy thinks she's lying. Clark asks her to stay back. Tommy screams at Punky, asking how she could do this to him. Punky's eyes suddenly flash like fire. She makes the flammable barrels that just happened to be sitting in an open alley explode. Giant fireball. See ya, Tommy. No trace of a body, though. Clark watches the fire. Punky smiles slyly. Bad girl!

Commercials. Texting always seems so sad and desperate when you see people doing it in a TV commercial.

Daily Planet, nighttime. Two doors open inside and through them we see Clark (still in flannel) having a conversation with Lois. He's telling her what happened with the teenager-boom-goes-the-dynamite instead of briefing, say, an actual editor. Nobody seems to be scrambling to write a story about an explosion in Metropolis that killed a teenager. And how did Clark explain what happened to the police, by the way? Clark sounds sad when he says he doesn't think the teen could control his powers. Lois says the kid almost hurt a bunch of people on the bus. She thinks it's textbook karma. Lois picks up a tape recorder that was sitting in front of her the whole time and stops it. "Thanks!" she says chirpily. Oh, Clark. You didn't see that? Where's your super X-ray vision? My faith in you would be completely shattered if that hadn't already happened four or five seasons ago.

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