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We cut to the videotaped footage of Jimmy and Chloe cutting the wedding cake. Clark is downstairs, clapping. We hear a low rumbling as Clark notices something on the table. The muddy-looking drink in the punchbowl is quivering. Oh no, it's a T-Rex! Run! Something crashes. Jimmy and Chloe both look up. "What was that?" Chloe asks. Lana and Clark are both looking at the ceiling, too. Wanna X-ray vision that, Clark? No? All right, then. The lights go out. Guests are startled. Gay Awesomeness keeps filming. Everyone looks concerned. Suddenly, a big chunk of the ceiling caves in, crashing down on wine glasses and guests. Screams. A big chunk of wood swings down and clobbers Lana. She falls with a thud. Something lifts itself from the wooden wreckage. It looks like a giant, spiky robot. Clark goes to Lana. She tells him she's all right. "Go!" she says. Gay Awesomeness points his camera toward the intruder. It's probably about seven feet tall and has spikes up and down its arms. Doomsday! Doomsday tosses tables and guests aside like so many gnats. "Somebody help!" Gay yells. Clark stares Doomsday down. He tries to punch, but his fist is caught by Doom's large hand. We still don't get a very good look at Doomsday. He could be a big suit of armor. He grabs Clark and throws him. Clark sails up and lands in the loft. Right next to a big piece of Kryptonite now lying on the floor. Way to keep that around for a rainy day, Clark. Gay Awesomeness keeps filming as Lana is climbing up to the loft. His hands are shaking. Doomsday grabs Gay's camera and throws it on the ground, where it keeps filming. We hear Gay scream, loudly. Uh oh. I think we lost him. Not so awesome. People run. Jimmy and Chloe just stand there and watch. Jimmy picks up a piece of wood and swings for Doomsday. "Jimmy, don't!" Chloe yells. Yeah, you shouldn't have. Doomsday swings a hand at Jimmy and claws his chest. Blood flies as Jimmy sails back. "No!" Chloe yells.

Upstairs, Clark is grunting on the floor. We see Lana trying to get to him.

Chloe goes to Jimmy. She holds him, telling him to hold on. "Please don't leave me," Chloe says, cutting between normal footage and footage we saw before on the camera. Chloe turns as Doomsday comes up next to her. His shadow falls over her. Chloe is crying. He bends down and puts his huge, gross hand on Chloe's cheek and chin. "CHLOOOOEEEE!" he roars. Chloe begins to scream.

Upstairs, Lana puts the Kryptonite in the box and closes it. Clark, gasping, stands up. Lana had to climb up here, but Oliver just took the stairs. "It's too late," he tells them, "that thing took Chloe." Hey, thanks for the info! Have you had cake? Did you try shooting it with one of your arrows? No? Oh, all right, that's cool. You just keep being cool, Oliver. Nice hair. Clark and Lana exchange terrified looks.

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