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Commercials. Having played the game Left 4 Dead, I can tell you that it is completely zombie bad-assedness. Go buy it. It's brilliant.

Metropolis General. Did they helicopter all these people all the way to Metropolis? Did someone destroy the Smallville hospital. Dammit, show, will you please start making sense sometime!? Inside, a waiting room full of wedding guests is hurt. I bet they'd feel better if there were some decent lights in here. Clark walks among them, looking around. He finds Lana in an exam room. She's wearing a hospital gown. Must seem like old times, huh? She asks if there's any word on Chloe. Yeah, the word is, "Kidnapped." Clark says that Oliver is helping him by using all of his satellites to try to track down where Doomsday took her. Lana grunts in pain just as Lois appears in the doorway. Clark puts his hand on Lana's tiny shoulder and asks if she's all right. Lois, who can't stand seeing Clark putting his hand on another woman's shoulder, rushes away. Lana says there's nothing more that Clark can do for her. She says he doesn't need to stay. Uh, good, because I wasn't planning on it. Jerk. "I know," Clark says, "I need to find Chloe." Good thing she knows you're going to use your powers to come save her and -- oops, you destroyed those memories. Nice one. Lana watches Clark go. She grinds her teeth.

Lois out in the hallway. Clark asks how she's holding up. Shouldn't you be out looking for Chloe right now? Screw Lois and her non-injuries. Lois says Jimmy's in bad shape. She says he's not out of the woods and they're going to Medivac him to Star City to one of the top surgeons for his internal injuries. Wouldn't it be safer to bring the doctor here? I thought Metropolis General was one of the top hospitals in the country. Lois says she's going with Jimmy. She says she'll stay there until she hears from Chloe. A bit hysterical, Lois asks why these things have happened to Chloe. She asks why these terrible things keep happening all around them. Clark hugs her. "I promise. We're gonna get Chloe back," he says. Lois cries. "What if we can't?" she asks. She pulls away. She walks away as music starts to play. It's "Don't Take Your Love Away" by Vast. Lois walks in slow motion. "I'm looking for inspiration, and I think I found it in your heart," the song says. Lois takes one last look back at Clark as she goes. He blinks. Wanna get moving now, Clark?

A doctor tends to Lana as she sits up on her hospital bed. She winces. Her hair is all mussed perfectly. She tries to emote. But fails.

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